Why doesnt my theme have a home button?

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    I have a theme where there is sticky posts and sliding sticky posts. I want my main page to be where these sliding posts are. If a choose a set first page I can only chose from the other pages not this one. If i chose the post page which this one seems to pe called I get the page I want as my main page. BUT I cant make a home button work so I can click myself back to this page. I have to then click the main text the text of the name of the blog. My theme is Triton.

    The blog I need help with is bastadkommunsframtid.wordpress.com.


    Whether a theme has a home button or not is theme specific. Some do, some do not. Some have a “front page” button or a “blog” button. The title of your site would be a link back to the home page, which is a web standard now-a-days.

    You can add a home page by creating a custom menu and then including a custom link for your home page if you wish.

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