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    When googling our blog, blue bird grain farms blog, an old post is on the first search page (bluebirdgrainfarms.wordpress.com/2008/01/05/the-fresh-flour-advantage/).
    Why doesn’t the sidebar show? I placed links and photos on the sidebar so they would show up on a search result and in general. The sidebar is intact when accessing our blog through bluebirdgrainfarms.wordpress.com



    You are using the default wordpress theme. The search results page for that particular theme is structured that way.

    If you are particular about how your blog looks, I’d suggest you change your template to a better one. (A lot of good templates are available)

    Presentation >> Themes


    Can you please suggest a template that would work with our sidebar.
    Thank you



    There are many themes showing the sidebar also on pages, just use the preview to find out which one you like best.



    I’d suggest you check out all the themes and choose the best that suits your blog.


    But we picked a theme that we like and it does not work as far as the sidebar showing up in a search result, and that is why I asked for theme suggestions that would work in this respect. So any suggestions on a theme that has a sidebar that shows up in a search engine search result? Thanks.


    I guess what I am really asking is how do you know which themes are default themes and which themes will completely present themselves on a search engine result? The Kubrick theme presents itself on the presentation page with the sidebar showing, so I thought it would show itself fully on a search, and it doesn’t present itself as a default theme. If it does, forgive me, and where does it say it is a default?



    Virtually all themes show the sidebar in search results. The best way to find out is to use the Theme Preview and do a search in that theme preview window; that will give you your answer.

    Kubrick is the default for all WP.com blogs. It is the theme that all WP.com blogs start out with. I don’t think it says that anywhere, but it is. It’s up to you to find a theme that you like that works with all your priorities. Kubrick is, because it’s old, one of the least flexible themes around, but there are several that look like it and have more functionality. The choice is yours.

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