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Why doesn't show my tag cloud all tags?

  1. My tag cloud does not display all tags. Is there a maximum tag limit to be displayed? And/or can I increase the number of tags to be displayed?

    Since my blog is kind of based on this feature I'd like to have 200, 300 or evan more tags in the future (my blog:

    Thank you!

  2. The tag cloud is currently limited to 45 entries. There is currently no option to increase this limit.

  3. A related question ... given several hundred tags, which 45 of them will appear in the tag cloud? Is it the 45 most recent? The 45 most often used?

    (To date I haven't been able to find the answer; sorry if I'm repeating.)

  4. Ah, yes, a good question! May be I don't have to delete the widget but could use it limited that way ...

  5. Yes, I'm thinking if we at least knew which 45 were going to show up in the cloud, we could plan accordingly to make best use of that limited number. I hope the functionality of the tag cloud will be upgraded soon to match that of the category cloud (i.e. control over number of tags showing and type sizes used). Logically, the way the two were defined, there should be allowances for many more tags than categories. IMHO

  6. I agree! Tags can be utilized in some very helpful and interesting ways if the tag cloud could store them all.

  7. Based on my observation, 'most used' gets the priority, then 'most recent'. And to circumvent the limitation, I always use the combination of categories and tags. Categories for broad topics and themes, and tags for specific keywords.

  8. The tag cloud will display the 45 most used tags.

  9. not mine. mine shows the first 45 tags that I posted. I would like it to be the most used, but it's not.

  10. onepointintime

    Does the category widget have a limit as well?

  11. Not that I've noticed, and I think I'm over 200 now.

    I THINK, but am not sure, that the tag widget shows the 45 most used on the day you put it in. I don't think it updates dynamically. You can test this by taking it out and putting it back in (save all your text widgets first!).

  12. kellynorabaker

    So far my tag widget updates every time I publish a new post. It's pretty useful, but I would really like to be able to change the font sizes. I find that the "most used" tags are WAY too large and almost distract from everything else on my blog.

  13. My tag cloud shows the first 45 I used and hasn't updated for quite a while now.

  14. I agree with outlandinstitute. It's not updating... :(

  15. Mine is updating :-) and has done so since I first put it in. Whenever a "new" tag is used more frequent than an "old" tag, the new tag replaces the old tag. Works on my blog. It could be theme-dependent, but this kind of functionality should work fine across all themes.

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