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why doesnt the site open

  1. hey! i cant get in the site. i registered the domain today, been there all day customizing it and all of the sudden it doesnt run. help!
    Blog url:

  2. Hi Joel,

    Can you try clearing your browser cache and flush your DNS cache?

    Also, can you try visiting your dashboard directly through this URL?

  3. sorry for taking so long to reply, been busy.
    i followed your instructions and nothing changed. i found i cant access the site from the dashboard, i have to sign out, view it and then sign in again to go back to the dashboard. takes a lot of time to do anything :(

  4. Sorry about this. Could you please talk me through which browser you are using and what you would like to achieve?

    You can view your site at this address:

    You can access your dashboard here:

    You can, for example, keep two tabs open and make changes via the dashboard and then view them on the live site.

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