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Why doesn't WordPress allow for e-mail posts like Blogger does?

  1. Why does Blogger allow us to set up an e-mail for allowing for either text messaging or e-mailing of posts whereas WordPress doesn't. I would love to use both text message (twitter is awesome here) and e-mail to post when I don't want to get into an interface through the web... I like the iPhone app but sometimes I use a Treo or Blackberry to access WordPress stuff. And I would prefer something much better than the mobile WordPress website...

    Hope that someone can answer this issue.

  2. Also I'm talking about WordPress hosted blogs not other servers. Thanks!

  3. Well, it's kind of hard to answer your question when you haven't even established that you have a blog here at wordpress.COM. Provide a link to your blog and consider linking it in your user name as explained in the sticky, 8 Things, at the top of the forum.

  4. Sounds good. I linked the website to my profile now... I was referring to my blog at actually. Thanks!

  5. Please consider completing a forum search
    because other wp members have provide answers
    on how to blog from email.

    Also right now it's in beta stage but is closed for sign up
    now when the new wp dashboard is released you will be able
    to reply to comments on your blog from email.

  6. Haven't tried it yet, but blogging by email


  7. I am one of the beta users and I have found the feature very convenient and useful. However, it doesn't work when replying from the same email account that's setup on my cell and I haven't figured out why. Wonder if there's a difference between SMTP protocols on different device that needs to be 'enabled'.

  8. Thanks, I found posterous and have been using that to post via txt msg and e-mail. Appreciate the responses!

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