Why don’t downloaded CSS themes work on my blog?

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    Hi, I’m trying to download and use the theme Scribblings for my WordPress blog’s CSS theme. I backspace everything in the CSS editor and paste in the CSS file from the Scribblings .zip (and yes, I do have it set to “Start from scratch and just use this”), but when I preview my blog, it looks messed up and not nearly close to what the original Scribblings theme looks like. Am I doing something wrong? Am I not doing a certain step(s)? Let me know! Thank you!


    The blog I need help with is bbfreeze.com.



    Downloaded themes do not work on WordPress.COM blogs; they are for WordPress.ORG blogs. The CSS upgrade only allows you to edit your existing theme’s CSS to a limited extent; if you’re fluent with CSS editing, you can do amazing things, but you cannot just copy and paste. It will never work. I advise you to review the references recommended in the CSS forum and try adapting one of the themes here; if you use Sandbox, you can do virtually anything.


    /nod to raincoaster.

    CSS is theme dependent. It is written by individual authors and each one does things differently.



    oooh. Thanks! Sorry for making you answer… me and my retarded self (:


    Thank you!! I had the same problem and this post answered my questions – thank you for the original post, and thank you to the responders!!!

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