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    I do not have next and previous post links for each post on my blog. The theme I use on my blog (Chunk) is made by Automattic, which is why such an omission is so glaring. It is impossible to navigate from post to post on my blog, especially in chronological order, unless you happen to be on the main page. I understand that some people may not want to have the links in their posts, but it could easily be made into a check box in the Appearance settings. Is there a way to fix this? I’m almost tempted to include the links in the posts themselves, but I would very much like an official solution from WordPress

    The blog I need help with is letterstomydistantfather.wordpress.com.



    Disabling infinite scroll in Settings → Reading means instead you will see a “Older posts” button at the bottom of the page. You can’t disable that tab from appearing and have “previous post” and “next post” links, without the Custom Design upgrade. http://en.support.wordpress.com/custom-design/


    In some themes, when you click on a blog post and scroll to the bottom, you have two links that point to the previous post in the blog and the next post in the blog. All the default WordPress themes, like Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve, have these. Chunk does not. I find it odd that I would have to pay for something that is included in other themes, and probably costs nothing to implement, especially one that is designed by the owners of the site.



    In fact Themes Staff are implementing infinite scroll ob every theme here that they can implement it on.

    These themes support infinite scroll, a way to pull new content automatically whenever a visitor approaches the bottom of a blog, instead of having to click through older-pages links.

    See here for the list > 147 Infinite Scroll WordPress Themes http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/features/infinite-scroll/




    Timethief’s replies are wrong: she thought (and she kept thinking) you’re talking about the main posts page while you’re talking about the single post view.

    Buying the Custom Design upgrade would be useless: nav links are part of the PHP of the theme, not its CSS.

    Chunk is by no means an isolated case: some themes have previous/next links on the single post view and some don’t – see this post of mine:

    So, to “fix” this you simply need a different theme. Note that my post lists all the themes that were launched up to early 2012. For newer themes, visit the Theme Showcase site and check the live demos:


    Thanks, both of you. Justpi is right about the issue I’m having. I guessed as much about having to change themes. It’s still pretty disappointing, especially when Chunk is a theme by WordPress themselves. Now I have to sacrifice appearance for features. Is there any way to convince them to change this? Judging from the date on your link, I doubt that.



    You’re welcome.
    “Is there any way to convince them to change this?” Normally I’d say no: if you except genuine bugs or mistakes, every time WP changes something on a theme, there are (reasonable) complaints from users who had selected a theme precisely because it was the way it was. But in this case I say they might do it, because some of the themes I’m listing under “A” in my post have been updated to include nav links on the single post view. So, you can post this suggestion in the Themes forum, which is regularly monitored by WP staff members. You can back it up by mentioning that I informed you it has already been done to other themes (staff know I’m an expert on themes).


    Wow. Thanks a lot.



    Timethief’s replies are wrong: she thought (and she kept thinking) you’re talking about the main posts page while you’re talking about the single post view.

    You are correct. I did not know th3prodigalson was referring to the single post view.


    Hello, I’ve asked our developers to look into this. We’ll post back when they have have figured out what to do with this issue. Thanks for the report!




    This has been fixed. A big thank you to the developers :-) . In the current configuration one has to read all the comments before they can navigate to the next/previous post, but hey, it’s better than nothing. Once again thanks!

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