Why don't I have the store>domains option in my dashboard?

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    I am trying to update my nameservers with wordpress as I have just started using a new host. Every site tells me to go to the Dashboard, then Store>domains. I don’t have those options under my dashboard, all I have is Home and Updates. My site is a .com site and I am the owner/administrator.

    The blog I need help with is blackhillsthehike.com.



    If you’re on a new host, you’re reading the wrong instructions: those relate to WordPress.COM blogs. If your blog is not hosted here, those won’t apply. You need to read the instructions at WordPress.ORG.

    It sounds like you registered your domain here, and now want to point it at an external site. For that, make sure you’re signed into your WP.com dashboard and follow these instructions: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/move-domain/


    Thanks, when I currently log into my webpage it is still a .com site…regardless, the link you provided tells me that to change name servers to point the domain outside of worpress.com, which is what my hosted site says I need to do, I should click on store>domain in the dashboard, I don’t have this option in my dashboard.


    I figured it out. I was looking at my dashboard as if I was under my new host. I needed to log into my wordpress site as I previously would, without a new host. This seems rather obvious now. Thanks for your help.

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