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Why don't I post a comment to blog ?

  1. I wondered :
    Why don't I post a comment to a exist post in my blog : ?
    It always said that : "no comment " althought I've leased a reply to that post !
    Everyone help me ,plaese .

  2. Check your spam files; a lot of comments have been going there instead of where they're supposed to.

  3. Thank for your reply.
    Good luck !

  4. Yes ,
    They are here : Comments / Akismet Spam

    - And I don't know how the other " Leave a reply " posts will be sent exactly to "comment " area ?
    What should I do ?
    Help me , please .

  5. Just tick the "Not Spam" box beside each comment, then the De-Spam Marked Comments button at the bottom of the Spam file. That restores them to your blog.

    I don't know if anyone else's comments will go to spam or not; keep checking it.

  6. Thank : @raincoaster

    Best regards

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