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Why Don't I Show Up in Tag Searches??

  1. Hey, I started a blog with wordpress this month called "The Stripper Blog" which can be found at It's been going really well. In a week I found myself up to 1400 viewers a day. One of the things that really helped drive traffic to my site was the wordpress tags. Suddenly, I find when I do a search for a tag that I've written articles under, my articles dont show up! Even under "stripper" which for a little while was a tag that pretty much only had articles from my blog! Whats going on?? Was it because wordpress thought I was getting too much traffic or something? Its not like I'm using my blog to advertise anything or make money. Its just a way for me to network with other dancers and customers. Any idea what happened?

  2. It's probable that your blog has been marked "Adult". Now, if your strippers are more burlesque, it's possible that was applied unjustly: you can drop a feedback to staff and ask if that's what happened. I appealed when mine was marked Adult and it got un-Adulted.

    I looked at your blog and while it deals with strippers, I didn't see any nudity or gratuitousness. It's just as you say: notes about stripping, like the dancer's pole Tesco's mistakenly put in the kids' section, stuff like that. It's essentially an industry blog, not a sex blog.

  3. So far I didn't find nudity or porn.

  4. Someone suggested to me when it happened that it was possibly some disgruntled porn-hunter who was pissed off there WASN'T nudity or actual porn on my site. Perhaps this is what happened to you.

  5. Thank you for your suggestions. I have sent feedback to wordpress and I'm hoping for quick resolution to this problem. so frusterating... anyways thanks for all of your responses. its always good to know i'm not alone in this vast world of blogs. : )

  6. still haven't heard back from them... sending them a note again... oh and thanks raincoaster for your visits to my site. i noticed you commented on the elvira pic.

  7. And stole it for my own blog, too, giving credit. I hope that WordPress un-Adults you. Seems to me that simply dealing with the industry and social norms of stripping shouldn't automatically put your blog in the Adult area. You are in no way gratuitous.

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