Why don't 'likes' show on my blog?

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    I have recently started my blog. I am using the Sorbet theme,
    I have had a few other bloggers click ‘like’ on a couple of my posts (hurrah!) but these do not show on the blog – why?
    I have tried resetting my screen options, clearing the cache and cookies, all my posts have the options ticked for showing likes and shares etc but still they do not show on the blog.
    I’ve tried every suggestion I can find, but nothing seems to solve the problem.

    The blog I need help with is fromtheshelfblog.wordpress.com.



    I am seeing the likes display normally. The post “Not going out” has two likes and if I go here to view that post:


    I see this:

    What do you see when you view that post?


    Thanks for replying.
    I can see from the pics that they are showing on yours, so it’s weird they’re not showing on mine still?
    I’ve even tried viewing in different browsers to see if that makes a difference (Chrome, Firefox etc). I keep checking the settings and all seems to be right, but they’re still not showing.
    Does is matter whether I am signed in or out of WordPress?



    It should not matter if you are logged in or out.

    Are you seeing anything in the space where the ‘likes’ appear in my screenshot? Does is say “loading” or have the like button or anything?


    At the bottom of each post I see a few things in a row: the date of the post, the tags, the ‘leave a comment’ option and then finally the edit option.
    I tried logging on at work yesterday as I wondered if it had been an issue with my computer, but it was the same, couldn’t see anything.
    I get notifications of any ‘likes’ on my posts, but then I cant see them showing up (although they did in your pic).
    Is it a bug in the sorbet theme do you think or should there be some more settings I’m looking at? I’ve made sure I have all the right boxes ticked (show likes etc).



    Do you see that row of “share this” buttons like in my screenshot?

    If you go to this page, can you see the likes on it:



    Yes I can see the likes and the share buttons on that post (nice pic btw).
    That’s made me realise I also don’t see the share options on my posts!

    This is what I see when I look at the Not Going Out post on my blog:




    Can you take a look now and let me know what you see?


    Sorry, what I see on your post? Or mine?



    Where you were looking before when you could not see the likes and sharing icons, do you see them now?


    Yes!!! Yes I can!!! How did that happen???
    Is there magic at work??? ;-)



    The magic of Happiness Engineer Elves.

    Glad I could help. Happy blogging.


    Please pass my thanks on to the Elves!!
    Thank you so much for all the help, really appreciate it!



    That’s what we’re here for!

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