Why don’t my tag clouds look like yours??

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    Hi, when I put tags, they are just normal fint, same size, etc. On everyone else’s blogs (even this forum–look to the right) the words vary in size (I assume this is out of concordance, yes?) Why do my tag clouds not vary in size?



    The more posts you assign a particular tag to, the bigger the text will get.


    Ahhhhh. Ok thank you and have a great day :)


    You’re welcome and the same to you.



    Is there any way to stop them doing that (so they don’t get bigger?)


    Unfortunately no there isn’t and there are not, as of yet, any of the controls that are available with the Category cloud. Staff has said controls for how it displays the tags may be added in the future, but who knows when that will be.



    This feature sounds interesting. But sometimes different fonts of the tags make the appearence look strange.
    Hope soon we can configure it.



    Maybe when WordPress 2.5 comes out well have this feature?

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