Why don't pictures appear on front page?

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    The pictures from my blog posts only appear when you click the posts – not when you see them all on the front page. I have tried the “more” HTML, and that doesn’t do anything.
    Blog url: http://fatinmanhattan.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is fatinmanhattan.wordpress.com.


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    In the Grisaille theme, you choose a picture to be the featured image so it will appear on your front page.


    Make a custom excerpt with the images and text you want:



    Perfect, thank you. I will use the excerpt function.


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    Yes, I really like the custom excerpt function: so much more personalized than the read-more tag.


    Ohh ok so I got the pictures on the front page, but now there is no “continue reading” button. How do I get one of those?


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    You are right! On my Chateau blog there is a “continue reading link.” But I only now noticed on my Imbalance2 blog there is no “read on” link. Nor is there one on my zBench!

    You could use the “featured image” and still have the automatic link.
    You could manually add the link to the custom excerpt.
    just type in “click the post title to read more”



    I wish the developer would fix this… it really is a big pain. Is there a way to do this without having to manually enter the read more button? Also, I can’t figure out how to easily use a Zemanta photos as the featured image.



    You cannot use a Zemanta photo as the featured image. Only images uploaded directly to your media library can be used as featured images.

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