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why don't pictures show on page

  1. i uploaded new pictures and they don't show up on page

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thank you --i tried that, but it didn't do anything. the new pictures are in the library, but not on the page. thanks anyway.

  3. Yeah, me too. I'm having the same problem. Everything else shows up except this on picture...

  4. It's not possible to see my pictures in preview. Formerly I could use small images but now I always have to publish in png.

  5. Mine is not showing up in the reader but is showing up in preview

  6. hmmm, i just created my blog yesterday so don't really know all the ins and outs of this program, but it's weird that others are having the same problem that I am. I wonder if there's anyone out there who knows how to solve this...

  7. interniek, are you saying that jpg pictures don't work for you and you use another format? what is png? can i somehow change my pictures from jpg to png? thanks.

  8. jacque20022003

    When I want to change the format of something, I just paste it into Paint, crop it and then click "save as" and then make sure to click on jpeg in the drop down under the title...

  9. I don't want the png pictures at the moment. I use them only for print when my picture is to small for print. I only make video where I crab my pictures from.

  10. It seems to me that WP wants we use the new way of publishing via the browser. But I don't like this. Happily there is a button to switch to the classic mode. Better would be to use the WordPress app which is out of control! I formerly used the option to upload pictures in the app. I never see the Photo library at all and I like that. Now I have only one option to Photos? And my former base is empty.

  11. I was able to solve my own problem by copying the draft into a new post which worked fine.

  12. If you're having trouble getting uploaded images to appear on a post/page, please give us a link to the post/page with the problem.

  13. Thank you. Will get back to everyone soon. Sorry, can't write back just now.

  14. I have the same problem. Cleared my browser cache. Followed lots of info I googled. Found this great site that as all kinds of feedback, helpful stuff and lots of news bites about wordpress... But I have the same jpg problem! Any ideas? I too don't want to use PNGs

  15. If you're having trouble getting uploaded images to appear on a post/page, please give us a link to the post/page with the problem.

  16. I don't think that the app page where I have trouble has a link. I think the bug is in the WP app itself. The icon right below on the upload page for pictures doesn't link to the former picture base on my iPad but to the one and only Photos base?!? There are all pictures in the same square thumbnails where I only can place a V-sign on the photos and chose 'ready'. Then it lasts very long time in the 'preview' to appear. Is it possible that the photos are in the cloud and not in the iPad?

  17. Ah, in that case I recommend getting in touch with iOS app folks via

  18. OK Thanks!

  19. You're welcome!

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