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Why don't readers leave comments on my blog?

  1. Thanks for all the replies. Some have been reallt useful and have given me things to think about and do.

    @ down2thethread- thanks for the comment : )

  2. As pornstar says - be careful what you wish for.

    I have to use keywords to filter comments (Settings - Discussion), as there are WAY too many psychos out there who think personal abuse equals debate. It may lose me some legit comments, but that's a small price to pay for keeping the nutters at bay.

  3. Hmm... My comment appears to have sunk without trace, so I'll try again (I've allowed plenty of time for it to appear, wearing out the refresh button in the process). So, here we go again :-

    As pornstar says - be careful what you wish for.

    I have to use keywords to filter comments (Settings - Discussion), as there are WAY too many psychos out there who think personal abuse is a substitute for debate. It may lose me some legit comments, but that's a small price to pay for keeping the nutters at bay.

  4. Oh, great - there'a an almost 10-minute delay.

  5. thewhitelilyblog

    All I can say is, someone visited my blog from this thread--AND DIDN'T LEAVE A COMMENT!!!

    I hope vivianpage doesn't get so very busy.

  6. @ thewhitelilyblog - mea culpa ... and after kvetching about readers who don't comment!

  7. @thewhitelillyblog - that was me, I just like to visit others peoples blogs to see what they look like.

  8. I agree with the others, most people like to read and don't take the time to reply, they just go on reading others posts/blogs. I would be happy with having 5,000 hits. It shows your doing something right. If you really want feedback write something controversial-people usually like to sound off when their offended. Take care...

  9. pornstarbabylon

    I've been threatened with lawsuits and bodily harm. And told to take down stories. I said I won't take down anything about you and to go ahead with the lawsuit! The lawsuit threats were via email. I said I have no ads, I make no money, I don't get paid even where I sometimes contribute. So you can't get any money out of me. I told him to contact WordPress because that's the only way anything will get taken down. Every week or so I expect my blog to get suspended but it never does. Then I have to yell at people on my blog to not post real names. The craziest people I have ever met have been online.

  10. Whoa your blog sounds cool, whats the blog address?

  11. PSB, link to your blog, please!

    I find the best way to deal with nasty commenters is to quietly block them. Don't respond. That's all they're after anyway - a rise out of you.

    Comment moderation for newcomers is the way to go. Once you have first appoved a commenter, you can be pretty sure she doesn't have three heads with psycho problems in each. From then on she can comment without your first having to approve it. But newcomers ALWAYS should get vetted first. Works for me any way.

    Only been targetted by weirdos a few times, and it's actually kind of fun to see the tactics they use. One guy tried to scare me into thinking that Iranian Secret Service Agents were tapping into my phone lines. He even provided pages and pages of numerical code to somehow prove how my mails and such were being deciphered. :-)

  12. Most of the readers are not interested to comment. They will pass on to new topic.If your topic is interesting all will comment .I have no doubt on it.
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  13. That looks like spam to me, sblgeomatics. Not cool.

  14. sblgeomatics
    If your topic is interesting all will comment .I have no doubt on it.

    Er, no, they won't. As has been said repeatedly, most people just want to read. And that's OK - just so long as they come. Oh, and lose the advertising, friend - this isn't the place for it.


    Looks like you've had some interesting fruitcakes - sadly, I just get the rabid variety. Ah well...

  15. @ tvmediaradio, pornstarbabylon, and lettershometoyou - I want comments not wackos and threats so I'm glad that there's not much controversy in my area. Thanks for letting me know when I'm well off.

  16. Thing is, buy, that you are in charge of your blog. You get to choose what comments get published, and which ones don't. It's all there in the settings tab on your dashboard.

  17. I have to say that not many people comment. Sole Sirius gets about 1300 hits per day and the usual amount of comments is about 5 or six per day. People don't usually comment because they just don't have anything to add to your post. Or because they don't know how to start their sentence. Propose a question at the end of your posts, write comments on other blogs, trade links, and get contributors. All of this will help you to receive more comments, but don't get your hopes up.

    Mark Wayne

  18. People don't comment? This thing never bothered me before. When i first started writing here on WP i didn't write it for an audience. But then,the number on my blog stats keeps going up and i often wonder who might have been to my site. So, i started asking myself 'how come no one is nice enough to come and leave an 'inspiring'comment here?. All i get was a few spams from some companies which are of no relevance to me.

    On the same note though, i've just come across a blog site of a teacher who's moving to Saigon. On his site he has something that kind of like asking the readers to click on a link if they would like him to send them an e-mail if there is an update on his site. I think it's kinda cool and easy to use.

    I hate to write from an egocentric pov,so to broaden my horizon, i have visited other blogs and if i like the content i'll leave some really encouraging albeit long comment.

    I don't hope for any reply because all i am doing was to respond in an honest way to their posts but it would be nice if someone could leave a comment on one of the things that i've written here on WP.

  19. sensuouscurmudgeon

    I blog about a controversial subject -- evolution and creationism -- yet the comments I've received (ignoring my responses) are only about 1% of the pageviews. That's more than enough for me. Some people blog for the feedback, but I blog to blog. There's a difference.

    It's possible that my comment count is low because no one cares what I write, but my Google PageRank suggests otherwise. I suspect it's because I actively discourage debates. I've been involved in too much of that at other websites, and it always degenerates into a food-fight. Moderating that kind of thing is far too much work.

  20. On the flip side, too many comments. I find it a huge turn-off to come across a blog that gets hundreds and hundreds of comments on each post. The first comments are often really inspiring, like: First! There's no incentive to join the discussion because it's not really a discussion, just a bunch of disconnected babbling.

  21. Which will make life with IntenseDebate quite interesting.

    On my photography blog, the only post that really has any comments is the NTOWPCOMGallery FAQ. Everything else is as silent as a tomb. On my daily ramblings blog, it depends on the topic. Knitting posts however are the least commented, even though I have a specialized feed on ravelry. So it goes.

    All good suggestions here, too.

  22. thewhitelilyblog

    I love all youse bloggers. But it's late and I've had a couple glasses of red vino.

  23. thewhitelilyblog

    Jungleofords, why don't you link your name to your blog? Then I could have clicked on your name in this thread and left a comment.

  24. Comments come far & few for example my stats say I have had 780
    visitors so far & only 2 comments & with your blog being about yarn
    which is fine but it's not one of those topics that bring a lot of
    visitors by the nature of the topic.

  25. Of course I knew when I posted my original question that yarn and weaving do not generate "hot button" issues (thank goodness), but it was reassuring for me just to find out that comments are rarer than I thought they were. Coincidentally, a reader left a terrific comment on a new post yesterday, and it felt great. Thanks WPers for all the consructive feedback.

  26. l'm another for the 'Be careful of what you ask'.
    My previous blog got totally trashed by comment leavers. l used to write for a publication and had a following of friends and foe. The foe went overboard at times to the stage they entered my personal life, that of my child and my workplace. Free for all comments gave some a chance to have their (jaded and warped) say. Sure, l could delete the comments but l don't think baby-sitting a blog is that grand.
    This new blog is comment moderatated. No one is getting past unless l see it. l have a handful of buddies who l would trust to free-post their comments but l'm not smart enough to work out how to do that.
    Call me old and paranoid, but 'comments' scare me a lot.

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