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Why don't the Off Topic threads show on the main "Latest Discussions" page?

  1. That's all i want to know.

  2. Because they were deemed to detract from the main purpose of the forum and interrupted the flow of the CSS, Ideas and Support.

    That's what I figured anyway. :)

    Most people don't look as far as the bottom of the main forum screen so don't know about the off-topic. Kinda makes it like an exclusive little club eh!

  3. don't get me started on what i think of the design of the main forums page...

    i must admit, it took me a week or so to figure out this forum was here :D

  4. Seriously, the little box where you choose the forum to be in needs to be at the top of the page, just under the stickies.

  5. @rain - yes.

  6. I just noticed that it was different from over at That is strange.

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