Why don't the 'shares' and the numbers on each post match up?

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    The number of ‘shares’ on my stats page are much lower than the numbers next to the facebook and twitter icons on each post. What do these numbers mean?

    The blog I need help with is sozofia.wordpress.com.


    I have a similar question.
    On the top bar I can see the traffic for the last 48 hrs, great. A few days ago I make some posts that got a lot of traffic. In total I received 4800 hits in less than 24 hours. This was reflected in the orange stat bars as well. But the top bar only said I had 835 hits in the last 48 hours, which of course isn´t true.
    Also, as it hit the 835 on Tuesday, it stopped counting. I received a further 5200 hits the day after and today a further 1200, still the counter, which is still within the 48 hour mark, shows 835 hits.
    Why have it, if it ain´t precise at all?



    Do you mean the little black and white bar at the top of your blog? That shows hourly stats and the number that appears when you hover over it shows the highest bar to give some scale (so you will have got 835 in the most popular hour in the last 435).

    Frig, 4800 hits in 24 hours? I’ve got half that in the entire 6 weeks my blog has been online and I thought I was doing well. Thanks for the downer!!



    *48, not 435*



    Oh ok, so it only shows the most popular hour then?

    Well since there are the statistics and there are the blacn and white bar, why can´t that one show the progress from hour to hour instead? I mean instead of showing the most popular hour, which is a feature I just don´t see the point in, then why not show the progress of the day instead?

    And sorry about the downer…I write about Formula 1 and Tuesday was a big day. A driver got seriously injured and I covered it, like many other websites. In total, Tuesday and Wednesday, gave me 10,005 hits.

    ut don´t feel bad. From the time I started my blog here on WP – I moved from Blogger – I received 126 hits in the first month. Keep doing it and you´ll get there :)

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