Why Edit form never exactly matches final Published form

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    Why is it that while writing a new post, it looks one way, then when posted, it looks another way? Especially with pictures involved. Why do they allow picture sizes to be larger than what will fit within the template?

    – Adam




    I can’t answer the last question, but hte first is easy. WP.com has five pages of different themes, all with different widths. The Write page is universal; can you imagine how irritating it would be for everyone using Fjord theme to have to write in a column maybe 25 letters across? (Actually, that might be good for them and give them an idea of the frustration for their readers; I knew a guy using that theme who posted YouTubes constantly. Well, the left third of YouTubes!)



    WordPress also auto formats your writing. Like getting rid of extra breaks
    . Its a pain :(

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