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Why eliminate a blog search box or make it less accessible?

  1. My above question does not refer to blogs that just give general static information that never changes.

    But more for blogs that have new blog posts and new pages added on an ongoing basis.
    Why would some blogger eliminate their blog's search box from their template/theme? You don't want people to find stuff on it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What information would they search for that a categorys widget wouldnt get you?

  3. If a user is already on the blog itself, why bother doing a google search, get the Google search results for the blog, be taken out of the blog onto Google search resuls and then click to get back in and out?

    Kind of a time-waster.

    A chunk of my career has been spent on group training for employees on a range of free (and fee-based) databases. I would never force people to use google to search specific content websites if there was already a search tool dedicaed to the website itself /database.

  4. I know the limitations of search.

    The search engine indexes post, pages, and comments content (body text). Unless entered as text in those contents, blog name, post titles, and post/comment author names are not indexed.

    I don't remove the search widget from my blogs and I don't know why another blogger would do that. If I recall a blog post on a specific topic in a blog I'm not in at the time I'll use Google to locate it.

  5. Anyone know how to remove the search bar? I'm in the process of building my website (NOT a blog) with the twenty eleven theme and I cannot figure out how to get rid of the search bar. It clutters my menu and is unnecessary for my simple "writer's portfolio/information" site. Thanks!

  6. Solved! I found some css to eliminate it (thanks, . Now if I could just get my menu items all on one line...there is a big space where the search box used to be.

  7. Eliminating the search bar apparently significantly reduces the number of posts per visit that people read. It's quite commonly done, because bloggers wish to control the way their readers navigate. It simply causes the readers to leave the site, in most cases. More people use Search to navigate a site than use scrolling down, categories AND archives combined.

  8. Thx, timethief and raincoaster.

    I agree, I only use Google if I'm not already in the blog itself. But now, I'm repeating what I said earlier. :)

    Certainly I agree lantztc, that for a website resume the search bar might be distracting --unless you list the publications that you have authored. (And the publications may not be available on the free Internet.)

  9. On one theme I had, the search box covered part of the header picture, so it was deleted and replaced by a widget search box.
    I've always had a widget search box no matter the theme chosen, but I thought it was only there to help me find my own stuff lol.
    I don't know what a visitor could search for really; would it just be random words? It may be easier to use Categories as Ardpete suggested.

  10. Visitors search for things they are interested in.

  11. @ raincoaster - lol this is why I'm much better with plants than people, I haven't a clue with people!

  12. I can see for a pure poetry blog, a search box mightl lead a person astray. ;)

  13. @ maidie jean - lol and then if some bluebells are thrown into the mix, along with some old wood and iron, well that'll flummox 'em completely :D

  14. I absolutely love my new theme. But I agree, a search bar is rather handy, and I have just figured out that I miss it. Ha!

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