Why Google ads are shown in IE only!

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    I know that WordPress.com adds Google ads to blogs. When I browse to my blog http://JustLikeAMagic.WordPress.com using Internet Explorer ads are shown. When I browse to the blog using Chrome or Firefox ads are not shown!!!!

    The blog I need help with is justlikeamagic.wordpress.com.



    That is strange. I thought that maybe you have some ad-blocking add-on installed in your Firefox. But, for Chrome… I have no idea.



    That’s because Firefox and Google Chrome have addons that block the display of advertising. I use Firefox with AdBlock Plus. like 46.9% of those surging the internet. See here > http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp



    Ah, I wondered why I sometimes saw ads and sometimes not. I thought it was because I was signed in (could see them when signed out).

    So it’s Adblock huh, gj FF.


    If you are signed in, you will not see ads. The best way to check on ads is to log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart the browser and then go to google and come to your blog from a search result. Typically that is when you are going to see the ads, and then you might not see them every time. They place them sort of randomly and “occasionally” as they say.


    This also might be of interest: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/statistics/addon/1865

    Total adblockplus downloads: 84,156,435
    Total active users on Jun 24: 10,883,026



    What the stats demonstrate is that almost half of those surfing the internet are not interested in viewing ads at all. That backlash is not surprising as we live in a world that’s saturated with advertising.


    /nod to TT

    I’ve was so fed up with having to sort though ads and flash ads to find actual content, and having the content interrupted mid-read with ads that several years ago I got adblockplus for FF and have not looked back. After the adblock for Safari addon came out, I installed it and now do the bulk of my surfing and such with Safari, my preferred browser. As you say TT, we are overloaded with advertising.



    I rarely even use IE because it exposes me to all that unwanted stuff make a million online schemes and other crap. If I want to purchase anything at all then I search for it and purchase what I need from local sources nearest to me. I don’t need or want advertising and the only effect it has on me is a negative one ie. it peeves me right off and I refuse to buy anything at all from those who have polluted the blogophere with it.




    First, thank you all for your replies.

    Yeah, I’ve installed AdBlock Plus on Firefox. I know that it blocks most of the ads but not ads on content of websites! In addition, I haven’t blocked any ads ever from WordPress.

    By the way, even if I’ve signed on or not ads are not shown in Firefox or Chrome.

    Another question plz, why I don’t receive notifications of replies over my thread????



    On the forum? You won’t receive notification of replies to forum threads except if you subscribe to the RSS feed for this topic and check your RSS reader.

    Yes, Adblocker will block ALL ads on Wp.com.



    You’re welcome.



    As raincoaster said – Adblocker works with pre-defined lists of ads to block on the most commonly visited pages. Like email and blog providers. Not surprising that wp is on that list since so many people use it and would manually enable adblocking anyway.

    Also, timethief and thescaredpath, I so share you annoyance with all those adds. I just with their was an adblocker for real life…



    Thank you all ;)

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