Why google analitycs javascript is trusted and google adsense not?

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    like most of you I have a small blog on wordpress.com and before starting to post seriously I would like to know why the javascript from google-analytics or google video is trusted (and used) and the javascript from google-adsense not (yes I have read the security issue in the faqs). I don’t want to mantain a blog only for glory, if some money come back from my work it would be better. So I am interested if there will be soon the possibility to ad adsense ads to the blogs?
    Thanks for the answers

    P.S. I apologize for my bad english



    Google Adsense is not allowed more because WordPress.com currently has a policy of no adverts on the site.

    But to continue, the Google Analytics strip is there since it was placed by the admin. Javascripts are not allowed to be entered by the end user because if they were allowed, it would be easy to put one in there that would allow someone to lift a login cookie and cause damage or allow access to the dataservers.

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