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Why has my blog been marked as mature?

  1. defytheeconomy

    My blog has been marked as mature. While I swear occasionally there is absolutely no reason for this.
    Blog url:

  2. I don't know if it has been marked "mature" or not. Exactly what makes you think that it has been so marked?

  3. defytheeconomy

    It has been restricted from wifi spots, mobile providers, and people can't read it- I cant update it in Wetherspoons and today several posts didn't even come up on google when teh title and body text was typed in. Someone said this happens when WordPress mark it as mature.

  4. I'll flag this thread for Staff attention and they will tell you if that's the case or not. Please be patient while waiting.

  5. That site is not currently marked as Mature.

    If it has been restricted from specific network access points it may be a filtering service that is unrelated to

  6. defytheeconomy

    It's lots of points, it's different mobile phone networks, different wi-fi providers- how could all of them have filtered my blog at the same time? Is there something that could be in my blog that could trigger that?

  7. That's nothing to do with WordPress. MY blog was restricted on BC Ferries until I bitched at them and they opened it up. They still have all of YouTube blocked, though.

    You are not marked as mature. If you were, your name would not link to the blog in this forum.

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