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why has one sidebar gone italic?

  1. jimenaprospero

    The right sidebar on has turned italic! I didn't do anything that I know of - or did I? It also seems to have affected some posts... What's happening?

  2. When I view your blog (with Firefox) I don't see the effect you mention. But from your description, it sounds very much as though there is a missing </em> tag, that it, the browser was told to start italics but not told to stop them.

  3. Yes, it's a closing tag missing, probably, or a wayward <i>.
    It looks fine in firefox, safari and opera. I'm guessing you use Internet Explorer, and IE tend to ...erm.... translate code a little diffrently than the others.

  4. IE tend to ...erm.... translate code a little diffrently than the others.

    This is a wonderfully euphemistic phrasing of the situation; I've never heard it put so politely before. :-)

  5. Hehe- I hate IE with a vengance. So do all that try to make things cross-browser and validated.
    all my stuff looks gorgeous and works fine in five browsers, lynx included, till I open it in IE.
    So yes, I knew who would pick up on the phrasing ;-)
    IE should be thrown away, boiled in oil, tarred, feathered, chopped to pieces, and whatever is left trampled on. It's just that minor problem that it's still the most commonly used browser.


  6. jimenaprospero

    Thanks, all of you! I'll search out that wayward </i> if it kills me. And I don't like IE, either, but where I am it is just that bit faster, alas - and, yes, most of my readers have it, too. Darn! Thanks again!

  7. jimenaprospero

    FOUND IT AND KILLED IT! What would I do without you?

  8. Good sctuff! zap, zAP! there goes the extra tags!
    (I wish webdesign was that dramatic! :-)
    Glad to hear it, jimenaprospero - I like a happy ending.

  9. Unfortunately, popularity still trumps functionality in most situations. I really do like the understatement earlier in the thread, though... it made my FoundAround post that'll get published at midnight EDT. :-)

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