Why has the content of one of my pages disappeared, but only when viewing?

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    I was editing various posts and pages today and then left wordpress for a while. The thing is now, the content of one of my pages headed My Haiku View of Japan, which is meant as an introductory page where I introduce my blog, is not there!! My posts belonging to my blog are there instead. So I have these same posts in this introductory page, as well as under posts in categories. When I go to the dashboard, the page and its introductory content is still there but when I view the blog, its not. My actual posts are there instead, as I said. I have tried clearing the caches and cookies as suggested when a page does not display properly, but I dont think this was the right step to take. After I refreshed, the problem was still there. I use Safari 5.0 but I closed Safari and opened Firefox (which I also have on my mac) to see if the problem was still there and it is.

    Can you suggest what might be wrong? Or what I have done wrong myself? Thank you
    Blog url: http://odetojapan.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is odetojapan.wordpress.com.

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