Why has WP destroyed my hit count with the Topics Reader?

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    Also note that display of posts on the most popular Topics ( Tags and Categories) Pages is randomized simply because there are so many posts being published evry minute of the day.

    Not true. Posts appear in order according to the date/time they are published (or if a tag/category is added later, that date/time is used). The old global tag pages and tagazines had some different algorithms for ordering.



    @thismightbepropaganda, please provide the URL of post(s) you are looking for and which topics you have checked.



    @markjwallis, the post at http://markjwallis.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/freshly-pressed-and-famous/ has 17 tags+categories. Anything with more than 10 will not be shown in Topics.



    I also want to make mention about stats, which was the original post in this thread. I checked several of your blogs and didn’t see any traffic decreases linked to fewer global tags referrers. In fact, of the blogs I checked, very few had any referrers at all in the last month from the global tags.

    If you still think your stats are falling due to the Topics in the Reader change, I’ll be happy to take a look. Reply with the URL to your site and make sure you are ok with us quoting some of your stat counts here in the forum with our findings.




    Thanks, I didn’t know that, have edited tags and now appear in reader. My mistake.


    If I can ask, then why did so many people stop getting as many hits when you did all the changes. My stats went down by a third to half in the last week. It would seem too much of a coincidence that when you the changes were made, so many people noticed that their stats had gone down. I assumed I lost all the people who would look at my blog from the reader, and then it stopped appearing there, now it is back, my stats have gone up again.



    Oh my! Thanks for the correction re:randomized display.



    @leannewhatever: stats go up, stats go down. It happens. Maybe, if this matters so much to you, you could supply a screenshot of your stats from the past twelve months so we can see the problem you’re having.


    @feartheseeds I know stats go up and down, I’m not an idiot despite what you may think. I can see myself, that from the 4 of May my stats dropped dramatically from what they were. At first I thought it was just random, but then I noticed that my blog was no longer appearing on the reader, that explains it to me.

    Since I’ve reduced the amount of tags and categories that I was using it has appeared again, and my stats are back up to where they were before the 4th.

    I know I am not the only one who has had this problem.

    I don’t understand why WP will stand up and say, “hey this is what we are doing, like it or leave”, but don’t have the guts to stand up and say “we stuffed up” or “that what they did did effect people”.

    I AM NOT STUPID, and I don’t appreciate you treating me as though I am. I can see for myself, that something wordpress did changed how many people were looking at my blog. I was feeling very depressed about it, but then realised it was happening to many many people. That can’t just be a normal pattern, to me there is a definite correlation between what WP did and the stats.



    @leannewhatever Look at your referrers from global tags over the last 30 days and then look at them for the last 7 days. More than half of the 30 day total has come in the last 7 days. Your traffic from global tags is actually going up even though logged in users can no longer access them. Your overall view numbers did not drop due to this change. The number of referrals you get from global tags is actually very small compared to other sources of traffic.


    Now you have lost me, what global users? I can’t find anything on my blog about global users. Where do I find that?
    I can see the countries.



    global tags, not users.

    I apologize if you think I was rude. On your Stats Page, click on Referrers, then “Referrers for 7 days” then look at the thirty day totals, and look for any referrals from the tag pages. Nick is saying the referrers from the the topics / tags pages you’ve received over the past thirty days have actually come in the past seven days.



    Sorry: “Nick is saying the [majority of] referrers…”


    @nickmomrik and @feartheseeds
    I can see that, I think, it still seems very odd.

    I can understand getting frustrated with us all, and I can also see that you are under a lot of pressure right now, but I think it is important we keep our heads straight. I think you guys might have to accept that people are going to be angry, frustrated and confused. If you appear aggressive then nothing is going to get solved and everyone will go around and around in circles. It is unfortunate that you are copping it, but I believe it can all be solved amicably, hopefully. I know you can’t help everyone, and not everyone is going to be happy with the results. Deep breaths.

    Thank you for all your help. It is nice that you do respond, and do seem to want to help.



    Oh yes, we are very aware that people don’t like everything we do. Anytime we make a change to anything you’ll find a thread similar to this in the forums. We are interested and do listen to feedback.



    You kindly asked for an example of one of my posts which shows up in the old grid format at wordpress/tag/(subject) but not in the new reader.

    Here’s one I just posted:


    Once again it is not showing up in the reader anywhere, but if I log out and then go to wordpress/tag/(subject) I find it is showing up in the grid layout.

    By cross referencing the two it seems that a lot of other posts (by other bloggers) are not making it to the reader as well.

    Thanks for looking into this.



    @thismightbepropaganda, it has 11 tags+categories. Please see #1 under http://en.support.wordpress.com/topics/#missing-posts



    I had no idea this was a new rule. Thanks for pointing that out! ….. RTFM! ;)

    I just want to add (FWIW) that I *strongly* dislike the new reader as a concept (especially the vertical and infinite scrolling format). This is regardless of any technical issues/ user error on my part.

    It just does not suit how the human eye / brain scans a screen. I’m guessing it is designed for tablets and iphones …. I can only suggest (ie beg) you to consider giving us the OPTION of a grid layout as well as the vertical/ infinite scroll. To me having both options available would be a no brainer.

    Thanks for the help anyway.



    Totally agree with your points about disliking the reader, and have similarly posted on another discussion thread that having a CHOICE between the topics page and the reader would be an ideal solution.

    The Reader has taken the wind out of a lot of sails, including mine. I have not clicked through to any blogs since its implementation — I’ve spent more time following this forum than anything else.



    My latest post, posted more than 3 hours ago has not appeared in my followers reader. I did add a thread about it but @timethief kindly led me here to this thread. My post has obviously shown in the Topics reader somewhere as i have 2 random ‘likes’, it’s just not appearing in my followers reader, and some of my friends are only following my blog so it’s not as if the post could get lost with other posts!!

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