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Why has WP destroyed my hit count with the Topics Reader?

  1. The new reader thingie is horrible looks like it is only showing posts from the blogs I follow now I have to log out to go to the popular tags and than log in to leave a comment than log out to continue going through the tags ...horrible.

  2. ok ...loggin out now. Sorry for the lack of comments folks, but it gets really bothersome logging in and logging out for everyone who is posting great articles and photos in the travel popular section ...great work.

  3. knitnrun4sanity

    On my reader I cannot read anything. I can no longer find the topics that I used to use to find new blogs. Am I doing something wrong or has it all changed? (Sorry I have not read through all the above - I don't have time). I liked beign able to put in a particular topic and I used to comment on loads of blogs that way. Can I still do it or have the topics become very broad?

  4. I would open a new topic for this but seeing as how other people haven't been successful and have been flagged for closure by timethief (who then links them back to this thread) I'll post it here. My reader does not work PERIOD. It comes back with a zero whether I try to access the blogs I follow or from the topics. I would greatly appreciate any information regarding this issue. Thank you!

  5. It's good that you posted here as Staff are monitoring this thread and will assist you.

  6. Mine is working now, thank god.

  7. @thewineycook
    Thanks so much for returning here and sharing that good news. :)

  8. @apron6 which browser and version are you using? Do you have javascript enabled? Do the other tabs on the home page work for you?

    @chrisross91 the problem with the NBA Playoffs topic is that the CBS sites republish the same posts across their many sites so you have to keep scrolling to get past them and to other bloggers.

    @thisoneb Which browser and version are you using? Is javascript enabled on all of the computers? Which topics stop loading? When they stop loading do you get any errors in the javascript console?

    @knitnrun4sanity if you go to Explore Topics in the Reader you can search for any topic you like and then Follow it so that it gets added to your sidebar. You can also directly add topics from the sidebar.

  9. I was sent here from another forum. I hate, hate and hate not being able to go to the global tags anymore. Everytime I do it sends me back to my reader. So to look at them I have to log out of my blog. Then to post a comment I have to sign back in. Then sign back out again. I want to read what I want to read. Not what wordpress thinks I should read. I go to the topics and type in what I want then I have to scroll and scroll through a bunch of post I have no interest in. WordPress is no longer enjoyable for me. It is not relaxing. It is an ever loving pain. I can look at the title of a post and know if I want to read it or not. I do not have to have tons of scrolling to be able to decide. Others as well have complained to me via email. None of us are happy and it is not about the changes. It is about the wrong changes. Blogging should be fun and relaxing. I no of no one right now that is happy not being able to go and choose for themselves what they want to read. Not being able to post a comment without the continual sign in and sign out. I mean who needs this?? SR

  10. Hello. My reader also returns a 0.
    previously it was working, but now it does not.
    1. Closing and opening the browser, or rebooting the computer does not correct the problem.
    2. I am using mozilla Firefox version 8.0 for Ubuntu Canonical 1.0
    3. The other tabs on the wordpress site work fine, only the reader tab does not work. Reader also does not work when accessed from the link on a user page, or the main page.
    4. Yes, Javascript is enabled.
    5. Just now I followed the link in your post (!/read/topics/ ) and I got the same error.
    6. Image follows.
    Broken reader image
    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

  11. knitnrun4sanity

    Hello, My reader also return 0. I cannot seem to read anything except my own blog. Sorry.

  12. Hello, I am following the trail from:

    Where I posted

    _Everything_ in the popout menu under Reader returns a 0 instead of content, including 'Explore Topics'. It has been like this for several weeks. I have been unable to follow any blogs except by clicking back through old comments and so forth. I am sure this is not how WordPress is intended to work. Please help. Thank you.

    I am using Firefox 12.0 and MS XP SP3

    New information/update:

    I have tried clearing my cache and cookies
    I have verified that I have the most recent edition of Firefox

    I am accessing the internet from within the United States.
    No change in the results form everything under the reader pop-out menu, still all returns a 0

  13. coffeezombiephotog

    Viewing Photography in reader, I am getting repeats of the last few posts when I scroll down toward the bottom. If I keep scrolling, it eventually stops.

    Am using the most recent version of Chrome browser.

  14. The old system only worked with a handful of topics anyway; you didn't get to see the more spread-out layout if you were searching with a more obscure tag. I like the new system, and I think it's a lot more fair to everybody. Yeah, it worked out really well if your post was one of the three that were highlighted on the front page of each topic, but most people don't fall into that category.

  15. becomingcliche

    Good morning! I was wondering if there are any updates as to the status of topics appearing in a reader. I can't read them that way, as my connection is not good enough to load more than a few, and as I scroll down, the page jumps terribly as new posts are added. And as someone who has the attention-span of a caffeinated toddler, the very large images are incredibly distracting as I try to choose what to read.

    If we can't have our global tags page back, is it possible to have the blogs appear in pages rather than as continuous scroll? And with smaller images? I miss reading blogs terribly, but the reader just hasn't worked well for me.

    Thanks for all you do!

  16. Is not, not having the global tags a pain?? In my topics they jump also, then the scroll and scroll thing, I do not like. I do not know why wordpress has taken this option away from us. I have been told by some via my email, that their comments have went way down. I wonder why? I went on the global tags last night and got so tired of signing in and out, I finally said forget it!!! I only go to the blogs I follow now to make a comment and have decided the global tags are not worth it anymore. The topics are a pain to deal with also. I do not know why wordpress has taken this option away from us, and apparently they do not care to tell us.

  17. I second aparnanairphotography's post. Fairly new to blogging, and was getting the majority of my traffic through the Topics channel; it was great when one had the ability to look at several choices at once, and pick an article of interest. I've loved my WordPress experience but, as someone who needs to build my audience, I'm seeing this change really impact the hits / subscriptions I used to get off a fresh post. Please change it back, or consider an option that allows attention to be brought to several articles at a time.

  18. I think it would be helpful if someone who heads/runs WordPress speak out to those of us who are unhappy with the Topics Reader, both its format and how it alters our hit count.

    While we all appreciate the volunteer staff and how much time it takes for them to respond to our gripes, the management of WP must see how volatile this issue is and would want to post a "From The Management" link at the top.

    We want to know: Why keep a format that we don't like? How can you justify a format that everyone agrees lowers our stat count? How much input do our comments make to your decision to keep or go back to the old format?

  19. This thread is being flagged for Staff attention.

  20. We've made an update just now to try to fix the issue some of you reported where you were unable to load the reader tab. If you were experiencing a problems with that before, can you please try refreshing the page now and let me know if you're still having any trouble loading it?!/read/

  21. @eosresurfaces, we haven't found any cases where users hit count was lowered because of the recent change to Topics pages. A few cases we reviewed showed the opposite even. In addition, traffic is not guaranteed to stay consistent for any one blog and a wide ranging number of factors can affect traffic.

  22. @designsimply i agree with you that traffic is not guaranteed to stay consistent for any one blog and a wide ranging number of factors can affect traffic you are very smart Engineer

  23. hungarianarthist

    The reader still isn't working for me - I only get a 0. It only works if I log out, go to a tag page via url, and then log in again.

  24. The problem is though there are those of us who want to be able to get into the global tags. I bet you I passed on at least ten blogs last night as I did not want to scroll and scroll that I posted no comment on, because of the constant log in and log out. We should at least have an option of if we want to use the topics page or the global tags. What is wrong with us using the global tags? Who does it hurt? Why will wordpress not let us use global tags anymore? At least answer that question? Why can't we?

  25. Timethief,

    Thank you for giving me all of these, but the same remains as I and many others are not liking this. WordPress could care less. I do not want to shut my blog down, but this is an ever loving pain in the rear and like someone said, "While wordpress is patting themselves on the back, we are hating it." There is nothing wrong with at least giving to us an option. I will not scroll the topics and I have since quit signing in and out on global tags. I read with no comment. Thank you again.

  26. I have to say I agree; there is a lag on the reader that I didn't have to worry about with the old tag display. I like to scan for new blogs to read, but I don't want to have to wait for each one to load. I also don't like how the blog posts get buried so fast.
    Overall I don't like the reader version--even if the lag time is fixed, it's very cumbersome to have to scroll so much when I'm looking for something that sparks my interest. I liked the magazine block layout much better. I don't see how I'd ever get new readers with this new layout, since I can't stand to use it myself!

  27. @timethief Thanks for the links, as the original response was the page was just being taken down while they worked on something.

    @nickmomrik In general, the loss of the topics page makes me kind of sad. I moved over here from another site due to the ease of finding other blogs to read. This isn't a threat to take my ball and go home. I plan to continue blogging here unless the issue with the email notifications is not worked out. It's hard to write for an audience when your core readers can't find you, and it's hard to keep up with the blogs that I follow when I can't load the reader effectively and some of my fellows don't appear there, anyway.

    Is there a reason for the change?

    Another suggestion is to have "recommended blogs" in my reader be clickable. I don't follow blogs that I haven't read before, and it would be great to be able to check them out. The only option currently is to follow.

    Is there a way to express some specific concerns that is not in a public forum?

  28. becomingcliche

    I'm losing track of which threads contain which issues, so I'll post this one here. I'm getting zero email notifications of posts from blogs that I follow (though I am getting notices on comments and subscriptions). I am trying to keep up with my friends through my reader, but not all of them show up there. One of them is It's not in my reader at all. I know there are more of them, but I follow a lot of blogs, and I'm not sure who else is missing yet.

  29. The reader still isn't working for me - I only get a 0. It only works if I log out, go to a tag page via url, and then log in again.

    Sounds like a separate issue possibly, however, I tried testing and I am unable to reproduce this problem. If you see just a "0" on the reader tab, can you please post details about your browser and browser version? Also, is it possible for you try the reader tab from an alternate web browser on the same computer as a test?

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