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Why has WP destroyed my hit count with the Topics Reader?

  1. I was pointed to this forum post. I skimmed the 200+ replies to make sure I'm in the right place, as it's not really related to the original issue and the changes that people seem to be complaining about in most of the thread, but I'm going to post my issue and hope for staff help/input. Below is a summary of the problem I'm having.

    Whenever I go to the main page to check out the reader and see if anyone I follow has posted something new, the page is blank. So are all the other "tabs" on the main page. Could this be a browser compatibility issue, possibly related to this update? (I'm using Google Chrome and have also tried it in Mozilla Firefox.) I would think if this is a widespread issue, it would be known and solved by now, so I worry that it's just me.

    I'd like to add that I've tried logging out and back in. I've cleared my browser data and tried again. And I am following blogs and they have updated since this problem occurred (I checked one directly), so it's not a matter of lack of data. Specifically, the URL!/read/ is showing up with the normal page header and is blank gray below, as is /fresh, /notifications, /my-stats, and /my-blogs.

    I'm using a current version of Google Chrome (19.x) and had been using an outdated version of Firefox but just updated to version 12 and am still experiencing the problem there as well. My Internet connection is with FiOS, if that is relevant. If any staffers reading can give me any assistance, it would be immensely appreciated.

  2. I too was directed here by staff in an email and I'm having the same problem as wrappedinyou. I looked in the forums for help and did all of the troubleshooting steps I found including accessing the internet using another ISP in another location with no success. That would indicate that the problem is with Reader in WordPress and nothing I do will fix it. I wouldn't care except that I follow and read one blog that is private and the only way I know to access it is through Reader, which I currently can't do as nothing appears on the page. If the problem with Reader isn't going to be fixed, is there another way to access blogs through WordPress. I can't just generally search for it as it's private. All of the other blogs I follow I can access other ways.

  3. Wrappedinyou, I am having the same problem. Nothing appears under any of the tabs on my homepage. Under "Reader" it is completely blank, and under the others (Notifications, Stats, Create a Blog), all that appears is "On", "Also Cool" and "From Our Blog".

  4. Having the same problem of blank pages. I am also using the same google chrome and tried it in IE, but still not working. I've tried many steps already (clear cache, cookies, update browser, disable/enable plugins, etc) but still blank pages.

  5. It appears to be fixed! At least in my case...

    Thanks for the fix, WP staff (whether it was a result of this forum or not).

    To those who were having the same problem, I hope it's resolved for you too!

  6. Yes, mine was fixed too. Thanks WP Staff!

  7. Mine too. Thank you.

  8. Oh wow - I'm having this exact same problem - it's been like this for days now! Hope mine can be fixed too :)

  9. This thread started off as a complaint about the change in displaying topics in a magazine format to the scroll down reader format.

    I don't see why it has now become anything and everything to do with problems with reader, as they are not the same issue.

    The one is technical and the other is visual, and based on some people's opinions.

    I notice comments saying we shouldn't complain about changes. But people complained about the email default change, and it was reversed. Maybe that's why some of us had hope in complaining about this change.

    And, it is not helpful to be told what to think. No, quite frankly, looking at topics in reader is not better. Whether or not it generated hits is debatable. Like many others, I used it to look for new blogs of interest (which would therefore suggest new hits for someone else). I no longer use topics as I'm not going to scroll down.

    If this thread complaining about the change has run its course, I would suggest it is flagged for closure, and a new one started about problems with reader.

  10. I have a blank reader and have for a few days.. very frustrating. how can I find any posts to read?

  11. blurbmyenthusiasm

    I was directed to this thread and have read as many posts about so many things that I am just going to chime in with my issue. I apologize if this is a repeat, but my recent posts, from the last two weeks, are not showing up in the Reader list of "Blogs I Follow". I use one category per post, and most have less than 5 tags. I do not have mature content, and do not believe I come close to abusing any categories. But if I have, please just let me know.

    I have a small blog, but have made some connections, and in speaking to them, I no longer show up in their list. Rather disappointing to a new blogger.

    I posted in another thread more related to this topic, but since it has gone quiet, I thought I would try here (since I was, after all, directed to this thread by WP).

    Thanks to anyone that may help.

  12. Well, all of these many changes has just cost WP a wonderful blog (not mine) that I have been reading for years. I myself have not been going into the topics and read no blogs other than those I follow. It takes too much time as when you scroll and scroll, it jumps then you have to start all over from the beginning and find the blog you wanted to read. There was also another (blog owner of WP) that has now gone to another site to blog on. How many more are you going to lose before you listen to us, as I am scouting other sites myself? Many of us want the global tags to come back, and WP does not care. Don't respond with "we do care" because if you did you would bring them back! I have blogs in my reader I do not follow, do not want to follow, and have no interest in reading them. Just a waste of my time to have to scroll through things I do not want to read.

    WP has made it so difficult to blog, to read other blogs, and people are getting tired of it. SR

  13. @nubins

    I have blogs in my reader I do not follow, do not want to follow, and have no interest in reading them. Just a waste of my time to have to scroll through things I do not want to read.

    You can remove them. Go here >!/read/ and click "Edit List"!/read/edit/ Click the "x" next to all blogs you no longer want to follow.

  14. loveandlunchmeat

    My blog reader is not functioning.

    I have already tried clearing the cache, clearing the cookies, logging out, restarting, etc... It appears to be a wordpress problem.

  15. I agree with @roughseasinthemed. Separate issues should be posted in a new thread at this point.

    I suppose we could also close this thread. I'll leave it open for a bit longer.

  16. @designsimply
    I'm not clear on what differentiates these Reader issues from one another. Will you please clarify that for me.

  17. This thread has several different issues reported in it: tagazine links switch, blank reader, "0" instead of content in the reader, missing posts in the reader, (and probably others I'm forgetting). Plus, I know we already fixed one issue where the reader was showing up blank and several people reported it was fixed for them, so new reports of something that sounds similar make me think it might be a separate issue that's worth checking up on. It'd be nice to have a separate thread in that case.

  18. Would it be okay if I stop sending any members with Reader issues to this thread?

  19. This thread is ever so long and seems like it would be overwhelming if someone wanted to report a new bug or issue. Of course, if someone wants to comment on the main topics already addressed in this thread, posting here would be fine.

  20. clearing the cache worked for me !

  21. I have the "0 instead of content in the reader" problem. This has been going on for at least 24 hours. Whether or not it is related, I now have a problem with the notifications loading under the notification icon. Please direct me to a thread that helps with these.

    And yes, I am using the latest version (19...) of Google Chrome. I did delete my browser data, cache, cookies... and I did try Firefox. All issues are exactly the same.

    Please direct me to the proper thread or threads. Thank you.

  22. @ designsimply - thanks for your comment and encapsulating what I feel is wrong with this thread.

    @ timethief, IMO, yes, stop directing people to this who have technical problems - the thread was never about technical problems, it was dissatisfaction with a WP change

    I also agree with ds that the thread is too long, and that specific problems with reader need to be addressed in separate threads.

    I'd be more than happy to start a new thread complaining about the changes to topics should that be required ;)

  23. @ roughseasinthemed, I appreciate your attempts here to get this all focused. Funny thing is I was one of the 31 million users who hated the new scroll down reader, which had topics hidden on the side bar under two clicks. But I didn't complain. I figured there wasn't much that could be done.

    But it does seem to me that the aesthetic and technical issues are actually related, however loosely. We were flatly told that this new change was a tough cookie we had to swallow, that WP had no plans of changing it in the future. And now for many of us, even this new "less buggy" reader is not only prohibitive to use, but it is entirely defunct. Some design improvement, eh?

    Anyway, it seemed like designsimply was saying there were other threads about the zero/blank reader problem, but I cannot find one devoted to it yet, though with the sprinkling of comments regarding this technical issue, it seems fairly widespread. I'd be glad to join that thread if it exists.

    Better yet, I'd like the reader to work. It's going on three days of no reader at all for some of us, going on a month of an annoying scroll down reader that many of us find cumbersome and so annoying that it's not being used as much anyway.

    In either case, it's either impossible or a dreadful waste of time to try to find interesting new blogs on topics which interest for many of us, when it used to be so easy. If I cannot have the old magazine style one working would be nice to at least have a reader of some sort instead of a blank page with a zero at the top.

    Word Press has been up until now the best boat afloat for blog hosting, but I hope they get this worked out before the Exodus becomes really huge. It's been three days, and I had been considering upgrading to pro. But if the strengths that drew me to WordPress all disappear, unfortunately many of us will to.

  24. oops, poor sentence structure there. WordPress has something like 31 million users. I did not mean to imply that 31 million users hate the new reader.

  25. Well, the zero problem seems to be solved for me, though I don't understand how. The thread for that problem can be found here.

    Thank you.

  26. The problem with sections of posts appearing more than once should be fixed. Sorry it took awhile.

  27. That's helpful, nick. Thank you. That was kind of annoying, and I really appreciate your working on it and getting it fixed.

  28. I have the same problem as everyone else. When I try and look under reader it is completely blank. I think if it's such a widespread problem then maybe it is something wrong with the site because I also tried updating Safari and the other steps. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to fix it or what's worked for them?

  29. @littleglassgirl
    The thread for that problem can be found here.

  30. I am sorry but this is the only place I can get into a forum which has not been closed. I was reading some of my old post and the images are gone from them. I did go and delete them out of my media as it was getting kind of cluttered. Do I have to keept the images in the Media library for them to stay on the post? Thanks SR One of the post is Friday Tid Bits I Hate Folding Socks!

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