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Why has WP destroyed my hit count with the Topics Reader?

  1. @nubins
    Note 1 When you delete images from your Media Library and a visitor's browser calls for them to be displayed they aren't there because you deleted them from the server by deleting them from the Media Library. You will need to upload the images again in order for there to be anything to display to visitors.

    Note 2 You do not need to post off-topic into threads. You can create your own thread by simply clicking this link on found on the front page of the support forum and/or in the sidebar on the front page of this forum > Support >
    Please do that in the future.

  2. Timethief,

    Thanks for help on my issue. Also I know I do not need to post off-topics into threads and searched for one about an hour. Finally I got tired of it and asked the question on a thread I new was open. I will do that in the future and had every intention of doing so, I just did not know how and could not find one with the same topic as mine. Again thanks for help on image issue. SR

  3. I'm not sure what thread to use to report this general Reader issues: I just updated my blog domain name today from to, and now I'm not showing up in people's Readers. I also subscribe to my blog to keep an eye on this, and I'm not in my own Reader as of today.

    Other bloggers I follow have also not been showing up in my Reader for the past month or two (I've tried unfollowing and refollowing, which in one case worked). One blog is The issue seemed to happen once she purchased the domain.

  4. Have been reading through these comments and I wonder if this has been fixed? I think probably not. I'm new to wordpress but even I have noticed a change.

  5. helenofmarlowe

    I go to Reader -> Blogs I follow, and the page is empty. THey're all gone. Since I have never set for email notifications, the Reader > Blogs I follow is the only way I have to find the blogs I like to read. It's empty, they're all gone.
    Can someone notitify staff of this?

  6. My Reader is blank now!! Any suggestions. I have already deleted browsing history. nubins

  7. Agh!!! My reader is blank!!!

    I can see my list of topics fine, I can click them but the reader itself that normally shows all the posts made by other users shows nothing. Furthermore, if I move the mouse, the arrow changes to the hand and then I can click these invisible topics and go the the topic... this is very frustrating.

  8. To bring the thread back to the original topic - ie the change from an easily scannable topics format to one that renders searching for others blog posts on a given theme nigh on impossible - I would like to add my voice to those asking WP to revert to the old version, or to create a new version that actually works. Despite claims to the contrary, the old version, however buggy it may have been, did generate a substantial number of click throughs and potential new follows. The interim (God I hope it's interim) version does not compare.

  9. Ditto Ailspam!!!

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