Why has WP destroyed my hit count with the Topics Reader?

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    @timethief, thanks for adding the screenshot link! :)



    You’re welcome :-) and thank you for working through these issues.




    What the heck do you mean my blog has been deleted to my username??? I have been on it all day, and have had 100 hits… I will go and check it out. What the heck is going on with WP??? I cannot tell you how sick of everything I am!!! Change is not a bad thing, but the wrong dat-gum changes are a bad thing. One problem after another. IF IT IS NOT BROKE DO NOT FIX IT!!! SR


    @nubins, http://theheartofmary.wordpress.com/ was deleted, but it’s still linked to your username in the forums. You can update it on your Users → Personal Settings page. Look for the “Website” field near the bottom.



    I have now fixed it and how it happened I do not know as it was changed. Every where else I was showing the bearingheavycrosses URL. I still have no topics page so I guess if I want to read the same blogs over and over that is what the case is going to be, if I want to continue to blog at WP and comment. I truly do not know if I want that or not. In fact I know I do not!! I am not going to continue to log in and out for the global tags and I am not going to scroll through post I do not want to read. I thought I would maybe go into the topics to see if there might be something new to read, of course they are not there. It is okay though, because I do not scroll but through one or two of them anyways. There are plenty of us telling you we do not like this. That blogging on WP is not enjoyed anymore. We do not like the signing in and out. If WP is so bent in having their own way, then you need to let us know, so we can go and set up blogs elsewhere. Do not tell me this has not hurt the comment count on blogs, because I have not commented on any new blogs for days. I am not going to. Just with me alone you have hurt the comment count on ohter blogs. SR


    At this time, we’re not planning to bring back global tags, but we are planning to move forward to make Topics in the Reader better. Hopefully that will mean some updates to incorporate some of the things you guys have said that you love in the new interface later. Change like that may take time to get to, so hang in there and thanks so much for providing feedback in a calm, reasonable manner (going forward) :) and having patience when we make changes.



    Then I will be scouting out other blog sites. I hate to do it, as I have blogged on and off with WP for some time now. I love the people on it. I am not going to stay where I am not happy and it is just a pain to blog. Since I do not have a Topics anymore how in the world will I ever get to another blog besides the ones I am following. Not that they are not good blogs but I enjoy reading others also. Unless I sign in and out for the global tags I cannot comment. What is the use in blogging if you cannot read and leave comments. By the way, where is my Topics? SR



    Since I do not have a Topics anymore how in the world will I ever get to another blog besides the ones I am following.

    @nubins, Are you referring to the Topics tab on the WordPress.com home page? If so, we displayed a message at the top of that tab for several weeks that it was being moved into the Reader. It’s been in the Reader since then, so we finally removed the tab yesterday. You can get to Topics by clicking Explore Topics in the sidebar of your Reader. Here is a screenshot:



    Okay, I will see if it is any better. I am so diappointed in WP. SR



    I just wish one day I could reach the bottom of the page on the reader. It just keeps adding more and more posts (which are too big to be a preview and yet too small to be the whole post…) and if you want the links at the bottom (i.e. support & forums) you have to switch to viewing another tab, scroll down again, and then reach the link you wanted in the first place. Maybe there is another way – I am new after all – but I really dislike the reader.

    Speaking of that, most of the stuff I have to scroll through isn’t stuff I really want to read…can the reader previews be smaller so I can get through the irrelevant stuff faster? It’s kind of like if Google web search started showing you the entire page for every search result instead of just a headline, link, and a few lines of a preview.

    Like I said though, I am new here….maybe I just haven’t figured out how to streamline my experience yet.



    Correction: It’s mostly giant pictures that are messing up my “Reader” experience I think. The text-only blog entries are fine, but the pictures are huge.

    Can pictures in the reader be shrunken to a more manageable size?


    +1 for the suggestion to shrink pictures in the reader – this bothers me as well.



    I did like the tags page that was the same size and format as ‘Freshly Pressed’ much easier way to find new blogs.
    It’s been said but on the user side anyway it wasn’t broke.



    No, I can’t do that. I don’t have the time it takes to deal with that scrolling reader contraption. Here’s the link if you want to look at it, but I’m sure it has a different time stamp by now. http://stylesource01.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/astley-clarke-color-piccicato-stacked-ring/

    As for, “Note that posts are not always guaranteed to show up in the reader.” I never got a memo, an email, nor a WP blog post about the workings, rules, guidelines of the reader. Otherwise, this has not been my experience here at WP since I agreed to turn over my MSN Space a little over a year ago. I’ve consistently, checked each and every post I’ve published here at WP and each and every one has shown up, until recently (when the whole reader thing launched). There’s a big problem if after I post I can’t find my post in any of the topics/categories I’ve posted in, that’s ridiculous!.

    Excuses and guideline links can’t cover up huge systemic problems. WP needs to decide how to handle things and stick to it. “If it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX IT!”. These changes are ludicrous and have created more issues than anything else. The user experience at WP has gone way down, it seems that the bugs and systemic crap would have been eliminated BEFORE the reader was launched as the primary viewing portal.

    My happiness factor is way down with WP……For ME all the fun has been sucked out of my blogging experience here at WP. Making the user look at posts that they don’t want or expect to see is offensive. EXAMPLE: While in the reader, looking for my (Fashion Related) post in the Fashion topic/category, I was made to look at an extra-large photo of a filthy jock strap with the caption, “Can you smell the victory”. I was upset by this and I don’t even know why it was in the Fashion category. If, not all posts show up in the reader, at the very least; all included posts should/must be directly related to the category published in. What does a nasty jock strap have to do with fashion, Is WP stuck on stupid? I spend a lot of time and make a great effort to create my posts and the new changes have made me feel as if I’m wasting my time here.

    THE READER SUCKS……..BIG TIME!!! There are no excuses or links for that!

    Thanks for your input, have a great day!


    You’ve posted some good feedback about images. We’re looking into options for presenting a more concise view with smaller images. Nothing is decided yet. It’s not something we’ll probably add right away, but it is an area you will likely see updates about in the future. Specific feedback about how you use the Reader Topics and why you like or don’t like how parts of it work is a good thing to share in this thread. I am keeping an eye on what you guys are writing.


    @stylesource01, the guidelines have been posted in our support site and we’ve linked to it many times in the forums, and I included a link to them in my last reply about what you wrote earlier. Here they are again in case they help you: http://en.support.wordpress.com/topics/#missing-posts

    If you are really experiencing a bug in the new Topics pages, then I’m interested in helping get it fixed. I can only do that if I can find evidence, so I need to try to test and find out what’s really happening in between all the other comments. I’ve just followed your blog with my test account to see if I can reproduce the issue you mentioned where the posts show up with a timestamp later than the published one. I’ll do my best to find out what I can about that.


    Just wanted to voice again that the issues are still there. I just tried to scroll the topics reader, and got the same three blogs over and over, repeating.

    I understand that running this site and keeping up with traffic, changes, etc is likely challenging; I have no intention of coming down on WordPress staff at all, and really appreciate my experience here so far. However, tucking the Topics page away inside the reader, changing to the scroll format, etc. has really impacted the way I am getting traffic and finding other blogs. It is much more difficult, whereas it was so user friendly before. I chose WordPress for these features, wanting to have a blog I market outside of my Facebook / current friends base, and have been really excited by my blog’s progress here. But if WordPress is going to continue to limit the ability for other readers to find my blog, I will have to find another site. I’m really unhappy about this – especially since I was planning to build WordPress users readership with a travel series I’m now doing, but no one can randomly find it while reading about travel. It’s not even posting in the Topics reader when I publish.

    I really appreciate all you guys have done to develop this site. But can you *please* try to reestablish a way for Topics to work for the bloggers in connecting with one another? As a User, the former format was incredibly useful. The scrolling reader has such limitations and takes so much longer to navigate.



    I just tried to scroll the topics reader, and got the same three blogs over and over, repeating.

    Please provide more information so we can look into the issue you describe. What topics does this happen for? What browser (and version) are you using? Was it the first time you visited that topic in the Reader? Does it happen again if you clear your browser cache? Does it happen if you try a different browser?


    @halahtoo, it would be very helpful if you could please screenshot the problem next time you see duplicate posts and also post info such as the URLs of the posts which are repeated. Info. like that helps us to track down issues you might be seeing but that we cannot reproduce in our own tests.



    :) I need to refresh more often before replying.

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