Why have my hits been pushed DOWN as soon as they went UP? Something is fishy

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    I have a serious gripe. I have been working hard to write controversial, passionate, entertaining and interesting blogs about stuff I believe matters. My blog is about sustainability in the broad sense. I diligently post one fabulous blog per week rain hail or shine. My daily figures had been rising steadily as a result. Two days ago I finally got the breakthrough I was hoping would come when my daily stats jumped up from an average of about 40 to 76 . . .woo hoo. Poeple were finding my blog and i was getting positive comments. So what happened? The very next day after that I got dropped off a cliff down to 30 and today it looks even worse again. How is it that I have been rising, rising, rising and working hard at it and then suddenly as soon as I jump UP . . .i get pushed DOWN. This is the sort of thing i would imagine happening in a different and unfair kind of world. The one we normally inhabit where the playing field isn’t even. Is there actually some hope of getting one’s message out there? If i start writing about making cake icing patterns or knitting bunny rugs will I meet with mysterious success? Can anyone explain this?
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    Site traffic can be fickle. Visitors arrive at your site from different sources, and it take a long time to build a large following.

    The best way to figure out unexpected trends in traffic is to check the traffic sources – specifically, under Referrers and Search Engine Terms in your Stats. This will give you a better understanding of how visitors find your sites, and combined with the other stats, will also help you understand why they choose to stay.



    Thanks Ranh,
    i do appreciate your response. It’s a good one. Unfortunately it’s not the right one. It’s a good response becuase indeed i CAN learn from your comments. Yes it takes time. I started the blog in Oct 2009. Initial results inspired me to want to build traffic. I dreamed of getting to the point where i would be getting 100 hits a day . . .1,000 hits a month. Yes it is important. I see myself as a change agent in society. If I am not creating impact then there is no point. I let it go for most of 2010 and this year I have been putting out a well crafted, well written blog weekly. People are starting to notice, read and enjoy my blog and i get passe don to others. I am getting subscribers, comments and traffic. The most recent comment was something like “Great blog I have bookmarked your blog” and traffic has been building and building. This week things went peculiar and the stats fell off a cliff. It wasn’t anything to do with the normal natural flow. Someone or something has F*%#ed with my traffic. Who or what i don’t know. It was either Google . . .or WordPress or . . .the Men in Black. Whoever or whatever it was . . .the CHANGE IN MY STATS has occurred because of a change in the environment not related to reader behaviour. Comprendez Vous?

    Now . . .I am interested in hearing from anyone who has had a similar experience. The fact is I am quite pissed about it and I really don’t want someone telling me about the ebb & flow of reader behaviour, because that’s not what happened.

    Again Ranh i do appreciate your reply. I wish you all the best



    Actually, your traffic has been quite normal. You have been averaging about 40 views per day since May 1st. You had 30 views yesterday, and 28 so far today, so you’re well within your average.

    Two days ago, you did have a spike of 76 views, which was almost double your average. This is normal too, but not indicative of a trend. It’s hard to say what cause it. Maybe someone shared a post with their friends?

    Either way, 40/day is really your current average, and I’m not seeing anything here to indicate any thing more than a rather slow growth trend and an unusual spike two days ago.

    You haven’t made any new posts since May 28, so you might want to make a new one soon to keep the traffic flowing.



    OK Mac . . .Mr Happiness engineer. Look at my history of incoming links for the past week and tell me if that is normal. I have read and considered your response. I will keep an open mind. May I just say that I am far from convinced by your current assessment. I have been putting out one blog a week, on the same day for a while now – a bout 3 months. I have been watching the build and the build. It has been slow and steady. A spike yes . . .that should indicate that the whole system is about about to move to a new level – what is known as a breakout in charting terms. Not a dramatic drop. The type of statistical data suggests that the results are being artificially constrained. Maybe not by you. I am not a great one for conspiracy theories. I generally poo poo the more bizarre ones. However I have no doubt that all kinds of self interested groups get up to all kinds of organized mischief and control behaviour when it suits them.Yes this episode does makes me wonder who is pulling the strings because strings are a DEFINITELY being pulled, twanged or tweaked, either by accident or on purpose. On the days when my stats dropped for no apparent reason my incoming links were reading “no data” and THAT was and is just baloney. Can you tell me what is ACTUALLY going on please?



    There are no strings being pulled here. I have completely re-evaluated your stats data and everything is in order.

    You have an average of 40 views per day for the past thirty days. If anything, the 76 view spike is the abnormality. The “dramatic drop” down to 30 is actually only ten below your average, which is perfectly normal, in fact it’s no where near some of your lowest days earlier this month.

    A spike does not indicate a trend. It simply indicates that you had almost doubled your normal visitors that day. A trend would be three or more days with consistently increased traffic. When you see a spike, you need to ask two distinct questions:

    Why did 36 new people visit my site that? (there’s no concrete data suggesting where they came from, so I think someone may have just shared it with their friends)

    What can I do to bring these 36 new people back? (there have been no new posts since the spike, so there’s no reason for them to return)

    It’s hard to see trends in bar graphs sometimes, but try printing out your graph of views per day, then draw a straight line from the top of each bar to the next. On average, you’ll see a gradual decrease starting within a day after each post, followed by a small spike each time you publish a new post, and keep in mind that the 76 view spike is really the abnormality here.

    As you can see from this new line graph, posting more frequently will result in less traffic drop-off between posts, which will result in more frequent visitors, and therefore a much more noticeable increase in traffic over time.



    all fair enuff. You have put a lot of words into your reply and as a wordsmith myself I have to value that. I will endeavour to keep an open mind. Who was it hat said “we are meaning making machines??? I have constructed a meaning out of the drop off. Maybe it is as you have suggested. There are 2 thing that bother me.
    Thing 1) is the No Data sign at the Clicks register. Odd, strange and peculiar that No Data should have occurred on the very days when my stats appeared to fall. Because even on previous days when I was getting high twenties and 30 odd there were plenty of clicks being made. Then suddenly . . .apparently nothing. That is particularly peculiar after the spike.
    2) Even though I only blog once a week because i have lots of blogs building in the archives these were a major part of what was causing the steady build up of traffic.

    Once again I am left scratching my head and wondering why . . .suddenly this ever increasing amount of tagged material would just . . . stop attracting visitors. I am perfectly serious when i say it could have been the eclipse.
    Blog on dude



    And it gets truly curioser and curioser. Today I am registering 200 hits in the past 6 hrs – (that’s 124 more than my highest day so far) with two old posts that NEVER get any traffic suddenly registering heaps of hits. Looks completely dody to me. Someone is trying to mess with ma head. If it’s not some smart Alec at WordPress then it’s some smart Alec somewhere else. Weird stuff that’s for sure.

    Now I will be kept guessing if my hits are for real or not and maybe that’s what some smart Alec wants me to not know. I am very disappointed with what used to look like a good honest system. Bring the beat back!

    Q Out



    I looked through your stats again, and I really don’t see anything out of the ordinary. You do have an impressive spike so far with 202 views, but 97 of those are going to your homepage with no clear referrer records. This means that they could be coming from search engines, emails, or just folks directly entering the URL.

    Instead of being skeptical of the spike, celebrate it. Publish your next post today and see if you can turn some of those first-time visitors into repeat visitors.



    Mac . . .today i had something like 36 hits on my Hello World post and 63 on my Mad Monk’s New Clear Daze post. No one has EVER looked at these posts. PLUS they are from over a year ago. No tags . . .nothing.

    If you are really serious then you are just on drugs. But hey . . .i hope that they are good drugs, like Moet & Chandon champagne or Veuve Clicquot. You really are a happiness engineer. If you are being honest with me then by all means don’t change. The alternative would be far too painful.

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