Why have my slide shows stopped working?

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    Months ago most people (myself included) ceased to be able to see ANY of my slideshows on my site https://slideshowsforyourretinas.wordpress.com/ . All we see are black screens. I made ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES to ANY of the settings- this happened overnight, on its own. The advice I have received has been of no help whatsoever. (Mostly: ‘reduce the size of the photos’ or techno mumbo-jumbo hat is meaningless to me.) But these are SLIDESHOWS: they are all the same size by default. And this wouldn’t explain why they worked fine one day, then NOT AT ALL the following day. Getting pretty disgusted with my inability to make this a functional site again. can any one explain (In simple English, please!) WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WHY AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT?

    The blog I need help with is slideshowsforyourretinas.wordpress.com.



    I’ve added the MODLOOK tag for Staff input. There have been quite a number of reports by users with this problem within the last month or two and they didn’t change anything either.

    The biggest culprit still seems to be the size of the photos themselves and the overall number photos in the slideshow, since all the photos in the slideshow must load before they will begin to display. This is deadly when you have several posts with slideshows that contain large photos on the front page of your site.

    Note to Staff: just an observation, the slideshow problem seems to have cropped up (sic) at around the same time as the 4.3 integration.



    Hi there,

    There have been some changes in the past months to how slideshows work, mainly to help make them more responsive to different screen or browser sizes. One side effect of these changes is that the images you add to your slideshows are being loaded at a larger size. (So your browser loads a large image file and then fits it into the space that’s provided for the slideshow.)

    I have given our team feedback to let them know that this is causing some slideshows to load very slowly now, but I don’t know at this point if there will be any further changes to how slideshows work. For now, the best way to resolve the issue if your slideshows are loading slowly is to reduce the size of the images that are being displayed in the slideshows.

    By that I mean that the image file itself that you added to the slideshow is very large (it has large height/width dimensions and/or a large file size), even though it appears smaller in the slideshow itself. You can manage your site’s images from your Media Library (under Media > Library in your WP Admin dashboard) and follow the steps in our guide to Image Editing to resize your images if you need.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about that!


    Okay. Thanks. Clear enough. But when I resize smaller, the image COMPLETELY DISAPPEARS. All I see now is an empty white box. I hardly want to keep doing this if I am making all my images disappear! What now?


    P.S. I have clicked the box below to be notified via email on follow up posts, but I never received an email about either of the above messages. Do you have the right email address?!


    Think I worked out the main problem. Apparently I have to hit “cancel” after hitting “save”. Counter-intuitive at the least!


    Strike that. I apparently don’t need to click save” at all. So…why is there a “save” button at all?


    Nope. I have 5 slideshows on the site. I went through (the tedious task) of resizing every photo in one of them: still seeing only a black screen. Does this mean I need to resize ALL the others before I will be able to see any of them? That would take hours and hours and hours and hours! Would be nice if you created one tool to fix this problem- or if perhaps, you had warned me when I posted the slideshows originally, some years ago?



    But when I resize smaller, the image COMPLETELY DISAPPEARS.

    Where are you doing your resizing? In WPcom’s Image Editing utility?



    If it helps at all, this slideshow loaded a bit faster for me than before. https://slideshowsforyourretinas.wordpress.com/2015/08/01/glengarriff-ireland/ (I clear my browser cache nightly.)

    But it seems that the full size image is still being used in the slideshow. When I right click (on my PC) to open the image in a new tab, I’m getting very large images.

    So for future slideshows, rather than uploading images that are 4000 pixels wide/tall, use photo editing software to resize them to about a 3rd of that (around 1280 pixels) and try and keep the “weight” as low as possible without losing image quality. Here’s more on image optimization https://en.support.wordpress.com/media/image-optimization/

    Of course this won’t really help for your current slideshows and I’m sorry you are experiencing this.



    Hi there,

    I’m sorry for the frustration! Which slideshow did you resize the photos for? It looks like there are smaller photos on this one, which loads very quickly for me:


    When you’re viewing your home page https://slideshowsforyourretinas.wordpress.com/ your browser may hide all of the slideshow images until they are all or mostly loaded, so it’s a bit easier to see the change for individual slideshows when you view that slideshow’s post separately.


    That’s the one. It will not load at all for me. I took all the others and changed them from “published” to “draft”. No change. Do not quite understand your second message. I do NOT want to see ANY slideshows on my home page. This must be an error I made somewhere in configuration. On the home page I would like people to see ONLY the welcome message, then each slide show should be accessed separately. But I still see… NADA.


    I am doing my re-sizing exactly where I was instructed to- from my Media Library (under Media > Library in my WP Admin dashboard) following the steps in the guide to Image Editing to resize them. I did not see JustJennifer’s suggestion to go to 1280 pixels, and reduced them to 500 in the “Taxidermy Paradise” slideshow. (To reiterate: I hid ALL THE OTHER slideshows by changing them from “published” to “draft” status. NONE of these should be active & accessible now) Again: I do not intend ANY of the slideshows to be visible on the welcome page. Each should be separate and accessible only by the adjacent links. This does not appear to have been the case, so I must have something set incorrectly. I though this might be the issue- that it was trying to open ALL the slideshows at once, but now that only ONE is posted, and ALL the images in it are set to 500 pixels, and I can STILL see nothing but a black screen- I don’t see how this could be the problem. Months and months of this! Though very grateful for the input here, I am pretty fed up! I cleared my cashes… No change. Just a BLACK BOX… What now?


    Ah! I see that “home” takes me to the wrong place! It takes me to the Taxidermy non-slideshow, when it is meant to take me to my welcome page! What have I done wrong here? Could this be contributing to the problem? Perplexed!


    Still no solutions, huh? Perhaps it’s just time for me to give up on the site…



    It almost looks like you’ve unpublished or deleted your previous posts as I now get a “404 not found” error when trying to access the post I linked to above https://slideshowsforyourretinas.wordpress.com/2015/08/01/glengarriff-ireland/

    So I’ve tagged this for Staff assistance again. They’ll be able to see what’s going on from your site’s dashboard.

    But on the bright side, this slideshow also loaded really fast for me.


    Hey- I’m so grateful for your support justjennifer. I DID unpublish everything except the “Taxidermy” slideshow, as you will see from one of my comments above. I somehow have the site misconfigured, and each show was trying to load one-after-the-other on the SAME page- I though this might have been part of the problem. I thought that by focusing on the one show that I had reduced the sizes of I might see the changes I hoped for. But I still saw nothing. Then it occurred to me that I habitually use the same browser all the time for convenience (Safari) and that the problem might be with Safari and not WordPress. So I switched to Google Chrome and… BINGO! I see the images! I would speculate that whatever changes you instituted a while back don’t work with Safari- which would also explain why some of my viewers were able to see them, and some, not! I STILL HAVE ONE VEXING ISSUE though that I have not figured out how to resolve: I access my blogs through the Admin windows, and when I use the drop-down menu to “view site”, I am not taken where I want to go at all! The intent was to take the viewer to my WELCOME page (“SLIDESHOWS FOR YOUR RETINAS, by KPKeelan”), but somehow- this is NOT my “Home” page. Instead, I am brought to a page with a thumbnail pic representing the only show I currently have up- until I can laboriously resize each individual pic. (Wish there were an easier way to address this- some toll that resized them ALL at once!) It says the name (Taxidermy Paradise), the date posted, the first picture in the show and the text: “This gallery contains 35 photos”, with “35 photos” being a link. I don’t want to see this page at all. So THE QUESTION IS: How do I make the page currently called “SLIDESHOWS FOR YOUR RETINAS, by KPKeelan” my HOME page, so viewers (using something other than Safari) are taken there first? From here they would be able to chose which shows to access on the list to the RIGHT- under the blog stats and above the Follow button. Have I communicated the issue? There seems to be one page too many. Don’t know how I created it as “Home” when the welcome page was supposed to be home. How do I fix this? Thanks so much for your excellent customer service guys! (P.S. STILL NO emails being sent to notify me of these followups… Could I have accidentally blocked emails from you?? Don’t know how I could have done THAT…)




    I would speculate that whatever changes you instituted a while back don’t work with Safari- which would also explain why some of my viewers were able to see them, and some, not!

    I just tested in Safari and for what it’s worth, it works there for me. Maybe clearing the cache would help you?

    How do I make the page currently called “SLIDESHOWS FOR YOUR RETINAS, by KPKeelan” my HOME page, so viewers (using something other than Safari) are taken there first?

    Go to Customize > Front Page > select that page as your front page. We have more info here. Cheers!


    Thanks supernova! I will follow instructions RE: second point. RE: 1st issue- I tried that right away. No change. Maybe I’m using an old version of Safari? Still see nothing there under Safari…


    Second issue: RESOLVED! Thanks. The Safari browser I am using is 5.1.10. Still no images with cache cleared…

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