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Why/ how? after domain purchase should I have to change all my internal links

  1. I posted this question in the forums but it was only partially answered: Recently, I bought my own domain name. Suddenly, clicks that readers make on internal links in my own blog to other of my own posts and pages were being reported in my stats as clicks to "external links" (and not as "views", apparently). I got the answer in the forums that it was because those links were to posts/ pages with my PREVIOUS dot wordpress dot com address. So I laboriously changed some of these links so that they would now go to loopbraider dot com instead of loopbraider dot wordpress dot com. (I really thought this would happen automatically when I bought my own domain name, didn't think I would have to do it link by link).
    Then magically after posting another question about it in the thread, a lot of my old links that I had NOT yet changed (I think) seemed to now have shifted over to the new address anyway. Really confusing. I thought maybe a magic wordpress staff angel waved a wand and fixed it.
    Then today I again see several of these reported clicks "to external links" but really to my own (previous dot wordpress dot com) site pages are back. I am really tired of hunting down where these links are and redoing them!
    Aren't they supposed to automatically redirect to my new name? Why is this happening and what should I do about it? I am such an ignoramous about all this---really don't understand it at all. Please explain...
    Blog url:

  2. Hmm, I see even here my blog url is listed as the old url...

  3. The stats at seem to be just fine.

    As far external clicks to the old URL, I just see 2 images today and a page and a post yesterday.

  4. Thanks, macmanx, but I don't understand why there are any clicks to the old url emanating from my blog. I thought any links to the old url would redirect to the new url. So why would such clicks show up as "external' and not be counted as pageviews?

    Do I have to go manually change all my cross-reference links to my own content if I want them to link to the new url?

    (clicks on my images have always shown up as clicks to external links---but never my own pages and posts, they have always registered as pageviews, not clicks to external sites.)

  5. They are redirected of course, but "Clicks" literally records the clicks. If you have links in your post that still reference the old URL, it will be recorded as a click, even if it is redirected later.

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