Why I am recently flooded with spam comments?

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    recently I am receiving way t manys spam comments with “bad” content for example adverisments of sex related sex. It has never happened before and for the last three weeks I am receiving more than 2-3 such commenets every day;as I use comments moderation, they are usually shown in a pending comments inbox, bnot even as a spam.

    The blog I need help with is mmintafood.wordpress.com.



    Same observations here…



    When such comments get past Akismet, or are held for moderation because they are suspicious, mark them as spam. Akismet will learn not to let them through in the future. We can’t control what spammers generate, but we have complete control over which of their comments appear on our blog. See your Dashboard under Settings > Discussion for ways to tighten your comment requirements. For what its worth, you are not alone. Many of us have seen large, recent increases in the number of spammers in our comments, Likes, and Follows.

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