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Why I am treated as a spammer when I am really not a spammer?

  1. harshitchauhan

    I write my blog at wordpress as but now I want to change my domain to
    But there is a problem on my present blog ie. The problem is that I am unable to comment on other wordpress blogs. Whenever I visit another wordpress blog and leave a comment, that very comment is sent is the spam box of that blog on which I made the comment. Believe me, I am not a spammer for sure.
    I want to change my domain but I fear that after changing my domain...if the same problem continues then my site will be in grave danger. I request you to please help me out. Previously also I wrote to wordpress support but they didn't helped me out. I request you to please at least reply to me.
    My email id is: [email redacted]
    And my blog url:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Fished from the help forum spam filter…

    I'm sorry, but as a volunteer I do not know why you are having this trouble. Let's see if staff can help: I'll modlook this thread and you can subscribe so you will be notified of a response.

  3. harshitchauhan

    I am really glad that I found someone who can help.
    Please do help me. I'll we waiting for your reply.

  4. Just recently I visited your blog and made a comment on the post "Shabu Shabu Gift" but as you know about my problem, it has entered your spambox, do check it know and please mark it as "unspam"
    Now I guess, you'll understand my problem much better and that is the only reason why I made the comment.
    Hope you'll help that I desperately need.

  5. Please contact our anti-spam service Akismet directly, filling out the form that will appear when you type "spam" in the text field, and choosing "I think Akismet is catching my comments by mistake" from the selections:

  6. harshitchauhan

    Thankx for the kind suggestion, It worked for me.
    thank you very much for the help

  7. Glad to hear it. Happy blogging. :-)

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