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Why I blog: things familiar to me, but not always to others

  1. For instance, some of the Canadian wildlife that I've seen over the years and featured in some blog posts (with more to come...).

    Or some food I eat: Lotus root, saskatoon berry, kohl rabi, etc. The first and latter is actually childhood stuff going forward into the present. But surprisingly I didn't know those who I thought would have eaten lotus root, haven't yet.

    Some of the most ordinary foods to North Americans (and Europeans), apple, cherry....are not easily found in tropical parts of Asia as fresh. Or it's very expensive because such fruit maybe imported.

    So I guess, this is what keeps me blogging: a way to see my own world in new ways...because when I cruise blogs from those parts of the is a different world indeed me.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think your reasons for blogging are terrific. You write from the uniqueness of your individual experience.

  3. I blog because it gives me a chance to get out my thoughts down on something exactly the way I want them to be, since I've started blogging three months ago I've found myself being a lot healthier mentally, not keeping things bottled up with no one to tell them to, there's a lot of dark stuff going off in my mind, stuff I particularly wouldn't talk about to my real life friends, but things I don't mind other people knowing.

    And people in this community giving me their well wishes and the support to continue what I'm doing is a great feeling. The fact that other people actually care is a good thing to know.

  4. I'm sure you have lots of your own experiences to share Mikey also..that would make great reading.

    Ardpete- that's great that blogging is giving clarity for you.

    I just read about a national park in South Korea, where the wild holly is a protected plant species.

    Meanwhile I saw different varieties of holly in the Cape Cod area over a decade ago. I about how certain things are valued elsewhere in the world.

  5. I blog because it's therapeutic for me. I get my feelings and experiences with PPD out there, and it helps clear my head. I have made leaps and bounds with my healing since starting my blog. Good for you for writing about things important to you.

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