Why I can’t add an affiliate link?

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    I opened this blog because many people ask me about some supplements I take. So I wanted to put it where everybody can see it . I added it as affiliate links but when I visit my blog it doesn’t lead the visitor to the destination I want. Instead, it pop ups some window of wordpress . Why is that?
    Please see in my blog tommyhaas.wordpress.com under my only one post “my recommended supplements”


    The blog I need help with is tommyhaas.wordpress.com.



    Read the Terms of Service you agreed to. The part about no Affiliate Links.

    You need to go over to WordPress.ORG, get the software (free) sign-up with a Host (not free) and set up your own self hosted site and learn all about running your own site (or hire someone to run it for you)




    WordPress automatically filters links and when it finds affiliate or advertising links, or links to any sites that put our malware or anything like that, they delete that link and replace it with the link to the types of blogs page here.



    Indeed they do and if you do not comply with the TOS then your blog will be suspended http://en.support.wordpress.com/suspended-blogs/



    If you check the WordPress.Com support page on Ads http://en.support.wordpress.com/advertising/ then you’ll see that if you have enough view counts (25,000 pageviews/month), you’ll qualify for Ad Control.

    Ad Control now includes Skimlinks that automatically changes all your links to affiliate links. Proceeds will be split 50-50 with your and WordPress. Not really sure how it works since I haven’t really earned a cent yet (I’ve signed up though).

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