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Why can't I add a new user to my blog?

  1. Hi,

    I'm trying to add a new user in my blog but its something going wrong. This new user alrealdy have a account and when i put his account e-mail, wordpress answers me that the user does not exist. How i could fix it? Thanks
    Blog url:

  2. I took a look and you currently have two users on your blog - .

    That error message does indicate that there is no user registered to the email address that you entered.

    We haven't received any other reports of this so it sounds like it is limited to your experience. That in mind, please double check with the user and make sure that they do have an account and that you have the correct email address.

    If you continue to encounter this issue, please let us know. Please do not post the user's email address in the public forums.


  3. Ok, i understand that. But he gave me a link to his account and it was registered with the e-mail i tried to add in my blog.

  4. Is it possible they created an account but they haven't activated it yet? Check that.

    You probably don't want to share someone else's email address on the forums, but if you send us the username and email address through the contact form as a private request, then we can check to see if the details you provide are correct for the user you're trying to add.

  5. Ok. I sent the infos through contact form. I'll be waiting... Thanks

  6. Thanks!

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