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why I can't connect to wordpress through Jetpack even with WordPress 3.2.1. ?

  1. Gentlemen,
    Until the update of wordpress 3.2 I could see with no problem the Jetpack Stats in my wordpress Dashboard.
    I read your warning that for people hosted by Godaddy (like me) the problem was under scrutiny. I then received an e-mail from WordPress to install the version 3.2.1 to solve the problem. I did but I still have the HTTP 408 problem (and stil the warning for Godaddy guested web site).
    Is this normal?
    Blog url:

  2. Could you try the following:

    1. Deactivate the Jetpack plugin
    2. Deactivate and then delete the old Stats plugin
    3. Reactivate the Jetpack plugin and activate the Jetpack stats module
  3. Hi,

    I deleted the old Stats many months ago (when I installed Jetpack).

    Anyway, I deactivated and then Reactivated Jetpack but I am getting the usual message "site inacessible... HTTP 408.... if you are hosted by GoDaddy...."


  4. Are you currently hosted by GoDaddy?

  5. Yes,
    I am hosted by GoDaddy. Do you need some specific details from them?

  6. We are aware of this issue with GoDaddy and are currently working with them towards a solution. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next release.

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