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Why I can't log into my two paid domin account, why I can't find a get a contact

  1. I paid for two domins, and now I can't log in at all, didn't reconized my user name and password, no phone support, and now don't even know how to cancel it, bad idea to register with wordpress, I should have choose a host with phone supports
    Now what can I do, hang in there, no responses, very frustrated
    Blog url:

  2. I paid for two domins

    What are the URLs of the domains you purchased?
    What are the URLs of the underlying blogs you want to domain map from to those domains?
    Which domain URLs ones do your wish to be paired with which URLs?
    Have you followed the instructions here?

  3. - can't used, have to search, and the address doesn't have www. only shows

  4. for: Your log-in is:

    The www is stripped out - it is an antique and being discontinued - the redirect from www to the plain name is seamless - but way waste three extra letters and a period

  5. why have to stripped out the www. I paid for the domin so I can have a website, as the website is free, it doesn't make sense at all, why border asked to pay for a domin which is free to everyone? I need the domin that I paid for. I wonder who can help me on this?

  6. I want my client see my website when they type

  7. - I don't even register for this website, how can people find me with such long and non-sense web address?

  8. The support documentation clearly states this:

    Before Upgrading – Important Notes
    Also, please note that automatically removes the “www” from all URLs.

    Every URL containing the antiquainted "www" will be seamlessly redirected to the URL without the the "www" therefore there is no issue.

  9. Your clients will see:

    You will only see: when you are logged in to work on your blog or check Stats - if you don't like and it is less than 48 hours since you registered it you can get a refund - but one day in the future nobody will have www in the address so just look on this as you are ahead of the crowd

  10. Oh, thanks, now I know, acutally I register this domin for in June, no refund neccessary, just want to find out why.
    Thank you very much for all the feed backs, as I am not a high tech person, I still appreciate some short of phone contact or on line chat support. Anyway thanks again

  11. PS - anybody that clicks on is sent to - BUT - they are the same web site - just a different name in the browser address line

  12. You be welcome & good luck

    Yes it can be a bit confusing with the way that domain mapping works and the two different address you see

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