Why i can’t register a blog i have already deleted under another registration?

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    Hi! I had one account in wordpress which I don’t use, so i deleted its blog. For at least 7 times after the deletion I’ve been trying to register a blog with the same name (equal to the other reg) to my present reg. BUT IT’S NOT HAPPENING. Ot is shown that the blog already exist! Which is not true?!!! Why is this happening?!!!



    The FAQs is pretty clear on this so I’m sorry you went through the frustration. Once deleted names are never used again. This is to preserve privacy. Otherwise someone could come along and ask for the same title and place contents in it that would be associated with the first blogger who had the title.
    Example: Original name “Models” – the blog contents tips on how to become a cheerleader for schoolgirls. The blog gets deleted. If the name could be recycled then a pornographer could later use it and the new version could become a blog filled with explicit adult orientated sexual content.
    There are no exceptions. Once deleted it’s gone forever. There are a couple of work arounds like injecting a hyphen in the original name or making slight spelling changes.

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