Why i don’t upload Photo & Video to WordPress

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    I LOVE WordPress. i blog on WordPress for years. Nowadays, blog do not only have text but also photo and video. YES, i can upload them to WordPress but why i don’t do that.

    It’s not user-friendly. i need to upload photo one by one. Media library is not useful. Add one photo to post is OK, however, if i want to upload and show a lot of photos at once, it is so hard to do that.

    Hope to see WordPress improve photo and video handling, so i don’t need to go to other site for that. I want to focus on my post when adding text, photo, video, and no need to switch between sites.

    The blog I need help with is kansir.com.






    no one has any solution for this?



    If you look at my blog in general and more specifically the recent ones of Singapore below, you would think that I have a solution or else I’d have developed a medical condition. I proposed to staff with suggestions to make Media Library a lot more user-friendly than its current guise.


    I’m on 512Kb broadband plan and uploading this many photos poses a big challenge. I cannot afford to mess up the order in which they appear (batch rename, sort order, watermarking, etc) so an effective upload mechanism is vital to remain sane.

    There are two methods I know one of which I have used and found to be really effective (Post By Email) and the other as others have suggested is Windows Live Writer (WLW). I’m working on my next post using WLW to see if this is a better method. So far I’m happy with Post-by-Email and its use of shortcodes.




    as an avid image user. (i love my visual aides)
    I would love to see some changes in our current media library. It’s very time consuming to use, especially if you have to upload one at a time into a post, I’ve tried using that “gallery” insert option but for whatever reason, that’s even more difficult to use than the one by one method.

    Uploading from the computer isn’t bad, generally it takes no time at all, so that is something I’m happy with. Speaking of media stuff, I had a ? that I’m not sure has been answered yet, but if I have photos that are in my library attached to a post on my blog, and I delete them from my library to have more space, does that automatically delete them from the post as well? (I would think yes because then why would we need to buy a space upgrader…)
    but just asking for positive clarification on that one.

    Thanks, and good topic!


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    If you delete images from your media library they will disappear from your posts. The images are not actually in your posts. They are stored in the library and when someone looks at a post, wp gets the data for the picture from the library.

    Also, if you use the same picture more than once,you don’t have to upload the pic again. Wp just retrieves it from the library.



    thank you :)



    Hope to see WordPress will improve Media Library handling in next version update.



    UPDATE: Windows Live Writer

    I’ve just published a new post http://shimworld.wordpress.com/2010/01/08/baiduri-calendar-2010/ using WLW for the first time. I can confirm that WLW makes blog publishing a lot more convenient and the best part is you import all images, sort and format them offline so everything works fast.

    One caveat I discovered post-published. I edited the post to add texts and as soon as I hit Update, all images that were centered in WLW and consequently also centered when published first time by WLW ended up flushed to the left. I had to go back inside and re-centre them one by one.



    You can upload many files at once using the WordPress uploader. Just select multiple files using shift-click.



    @tellyworth – okay, I learn a new thing everyday. Thanks for the info!




    Shift-click is a standard Windows OS file management operation. The issue here isn’t batch upload which is the easy bit. It’s after the files have been uploaded that’s when Media Library becomes a problem … the images can only be managed one by one. Batch or volume management of the uploaded image files is presently poorly implemented.



    Thanks, shimworld.
    I try Post By Email today, it’s easy to upload multiple photo. i need some time to learn how to use those shortcode.

    Although there is batch uploader, however it is not easy to insert image into post. and handling photo information is not easy too, like edit title, caption, etc. i need to edit one-by-one.

    As a Mac user, i hope that i can upload photo directly from iPhoto to WordPress and keep the title, description.



    Preparing the photos beforehand is quite an involved workflow before they’re sent as email attachments. It would be of great help if there is a shortcode to automatically remove all links post upload .. this remains one of the few things I still need to do once the pictures are published (setting it to draft via a shortcode also helps avoid convenience of Feedburner updating your subscribers of unfinished posts.



    Yes, i use shortcode to make the post as draft when sending email. Then edit those photos information. It is not user-friendly. if i have lots of photos, i need to edit one-by-one.

    You may check this post (1), i use Post By Email, all the information (photo name & description) which i write in iPhoto are lost. Then you may check my Flickr (2), all the photos are uploaded directly from iPhoto and keep the information. If i use Flickr, all i need is just paste the link in my blog post.
    (1) http://kansir.com/2010/01/09/roast-fish/
    (2) http://www.flickr.com/photos/kansirnet/sets/72157623048196115/

    Before WordPress update her media library, otherwise, i will use Flickr.

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