Why Import Blogger To WordPress.com?

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    I have a blog @ Blogger.com. I ALSO have one @ WordPress.org. I run Google Adsense on both. The question, though is why would anyone WANT to import their Blogger blog to WordPress when, at Blogger, they can run Adsense ads that THEY get paid for, and do it free. But with WordPress.com, switching your blog means either giving up your Adsense Ads OR PAYING for a site @ WordPress.org when you already have a FREE one THAT RUNS ADSENSE ADS! It just doesn’t add up.


    Some people don’t want ads on their blogs, they don’t care about the money, they blog because it is a passion and they like what wordpress.COM offers them. For many it ain’t about the money.

    The fact that wordpress.com does not allow advertising is one of the main reasons that this hosting service is virtually splog free.

    Unlike blogger, which hitches a ride on the coat tails of the Google server network, wordpress.COM has to pay for their data centers and bandwidth. That is the main reason they run the occasional ad on blogs here. Google doesn’t even see a tiny blip in their bandwidth from blogger, so they don’t charge for anything. WordPress doesn’t have a sugar-daddy.

    You want to run ads? Stay at blogger or self-host.


    One other thing. I’ve been using adblockplus on Firefox since it came out, and I see virtually no ads anywhere. If I do see one, I simply right click and zap it and never see it again. When o,they came out with the version for Safari, I installed it there to, so now I virtually never see ads on Safari either.

    And with Firefox still taking big chunks out of Internet Explorer’s market share, and the fact that as of this month, adblockplus is at 93,466,526 downloads and growing by leaps and bounds every month, you had better say a prayer to the Microsoft gods that IE9 stops their market share bleeding or your ad revenue is going to continue to decline.



    Oh, tsp, you’re such a nice guy.

    My response is: I’ll tell you, but I won’t tell you for free.


    Good for you Rain.

    One other thing, there is that SEO advantage here. Can’t forget that.

    Oh, but you do get that generous gift at blogger: before you even publish a single post (completely blank blog), you have over 350 XHTML validation errors. Now who could pass that up?



    Quite so. BTW I’m passing this link along to a friend of mine who’s a blogger loyalist.


    @rain, that’s mean. I doubt they will be swayed though.



    Blogging is just ain’t about money.Here too,you can earn money but by your own works and not by ads.

    A blog here gets good in SEO without any of your efforts.Publicity is main topic here….
    WordPress.com does allow ads and javascript etc…And that’s why it’s so clean platform.99% of blogs here are nice and are not irritating.I don’t mean by contents but by safety.You can be free of spams,scams and other security problems here

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