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Why is access to my blog & posts almost impossible? My www access is fine.

  1. I am finding it very difficult to access the posts on my blog to edit them. I use several different browsers, several PCs - and iphone and Android tablet - and different networks, and they all have the same problem. Access to my posts is very slow at best, and the browsers usually 'time out'. I don't have much of a problem logging in to - it's viewing my blog (and some other blogs that I follow) and editing my draft posts that is nearly impossible. I have no difficulty accessing other websites; the problem is specific to I'm also unable to access the forum to see if other users are having the same difficult. My blog is

    I was one of those - apparently in the UK - who recently found that all third-party comments were being sent to spam; I don't know whether this is relevant. I'd be grateful for your help, though in sorting out the current problem - I'm finding to be unworkable at the moment

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Camberleyeye

    I'm in Reigate and on Talk Talk and there seems to be a problem between TT and WP . To be fair I've found it on a few other sites as well so it looks like an intermittent problem .

  3. If you're in the UK and still experiencing issues, please use the Akismet contact form:


  4. WordPress has apparently gone the way of I am having slow issues, as well, and I am not in the UK. When I try to post a new blog entry, I cannot even type. One keystroke takes from 5 to 30 seconds for the character to appear. This does not happen on any other website, or software program. It makes using WP useless to me. I had considered paying the fee to WP for my own site, but there is no way I'm spending money on this as it stands. I searched for similar problems and found a forum which said that a plugin called Social Access Control, a relatively useful plugin for controlling, er, social access to your blog, caused the slow problem. I cannot find, however, how to disable it, whether it is a plugin for WP, for a browser, what.

    Please tell me how to fix this and I will stay. Otherwise I'm outta here.

  5. I'm having the same problem. Very slow and times out. I was in the middle of editing a post and then it wouldn't let me save. Are my revisions lost?

    my blog is

  6. It's not location-specific. I use BT Infinity in Camberley, Taktalk fibre in Worcestershire, 3G EE phone access and free wifi 'everywhere'. I have the same difficulties with all of them. Especially in the evening ( when the US is busy?). It's not just my own blog(s) that give problems; other blogs that I look at are very slow to load too. I'll pursue with Akismet ; I don't want to have to move to Blogger, but....

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