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Why is another blog advertised on my posts?!

  1. I was reading a few of my posts today and saw that at the bottom of them, someone else's wordpress blog was being advertised. What's up with that? I pay for a legit web name and was never informed this would be happening. I don't really want wordpress choosing who else to advertise on my site because it looks like I endorse that person's blog. I went back and looked a little while ago and it's gone, so maybe it was just a glitch. I had also clicked on the blog, so maybe that got rid of it? In any case, I'd like to make sure no more random blogs get advertised on the bottom of my own blog posts. Is there a way to do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Regardless of any other upgrade you may have, and per the Terms of Service, may display ads, but you can remove them with a "No-ads" upgrade:

    Please note that normally you wouldn't see these ads while you are logged in, only your visitors would.

    Also note the part in the link above about "Possibly related posts", which can be easily turned off.

  3. Thank you airodyssey. It all makes sense now. I searched and search the help content out here, but couldn't get no love.

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