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Why is 'Appearance' not under my Dashboard anymore?

  1. How do I get 'Appearance' back so I can add a widget. It's been gone for a while and I want to add a
    Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You must be logged in under the exact same username account that registered the blog and who is the Admin of the blog to have access to make appearance changes .

  3. I am logged in properly and am the Admin of the blog,but Appearance still does not show up.

  4. If this is NOT the URL of the blog in question then please post the correct URL starting with http://

    I tagged this thread for Staff. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  5. Thank you! I await help from Word Press staff.

    I hate to bother you with another question, but how do I see the names of those following my blog? When I go to 'Followers' it shows nothing.

  6. I also don't have an Appearance option on my dashboard. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  7. Have you read the thread?

  8. wymanliz, you are only an Editor on the blog in questions. Editors do not have access to the Appearance section.

    ldelissio, what is the URL of the blog in question?

  9. macmanx, as far as I know I am the administrator of the blog, though we are 2 authors. Can you tell me where to find out how I set up the blog?
    I looked in settings and all over Dashboard. I originally put the widgets on both blogs that belong to SHOFAR. Thank you!

  10. I can confirm that you are only an editor on the blog. The other user on the blog (there are 2 users total) is the Administrator.

  11. O.K. ,but when I go to his blog, on his computer, there is no Appearance under his Dashboard, either. What to do next?

  12. O.K. ,but when I go to his blog, on his computer, there is no Appearance under his Dashboard, either. What to do next?

  13. You need to be logged in as that user, not wymanliz.

    What computer you use doesn't matter, you need to be logged in as the other user.

  14. Is there a chance that we could lose our blogsites by making a change of our user name? Both blogs say 'wymanliz' under SHOFAR with the same gravatar. We used to have separate gravatars. Drgold lost his some time ago and when he makes a comment it shows my gravatar. Something has gone wrong with our set up for sure.

    This much I know:
    SHOFAR has 2 blogs (mine-Liz)
    and (drgold- Wyman)
    We have 1 gravatar now, but we used to have 2
    And we have to find our user name to log in. But we both are logged in as 'wymanliz'
    And we have to find the administrator's user name, is that right so far?

  15. macmanx, it's late now. I will try my email address and password tomorrow. Thanks again.

  16. Changing usernames won't change anything. has 2 users. wymanliz is the Editor, the other is the Administrator.

    You won't be able to access Administrator functions until you log in as the Administrator, which is not wymanliz.

  17. macmanx, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TALKING ME THROUGH MY CONFUSION! By fooling around I figured wymanliz was the problem. I changed the user name to heulu which is part of the name of my blog. That may have been the magic name, NOW I HAVE APPEARANCE BACK! MY partner is of no help to me; I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR AFTER ALL! We are in our 70's trying to be bloggers. I am next to computer illiterate!
    WE LOVE WORD PRESS!!! You have the right name, 'Happiness Engineer'!
    Aloha from Hawaii and Mahalo (thank you)!

  18. You're welcome!

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