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Why is are 2 page views counted when a reader comments?

  1. I have determined that when a reader comments on a post, that counts as two page views. Happy to be proven wrong, but the evidence seems pretty conclusive. Why is this the case? I don't consider a reader viewed an article twice because they comment, why it is counted as such? I am guessing technically it is because the little smiley is loaded twice.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Interesting. I'm waiting for an answer from staff.

  3. My best guess is that they are counted:
    - when they land on the post the first time
    - when they click Submit and the post reloads itself (either reflecting the new comment or the message saying it's awaiting moderation).

  4. I think airodyssey is right but this is a question for Staff and it's not urgent so I'm not flagging this thread. Have you contacted Staff?

  5. No, TT, I didn't contact staff - I figured someone would have already asked the question in the past and would know the answer.

  6. G'day to you,
    I don't think it has been previously asked but I admit I didn't search so you may want to do that.

  7. I did search - but I didn't find anything in the forums. I'll leave it until I get home from work and shoot off an email asking Support.

  8. Okay. I think airodyssey is correct. Our stats are page view stats and what he describes is what happens ie. 2 page views.

  9. So do I, because it is what I suggested in my opening question. :)

    But I have emailed Support to ask the question.

  10. Unless a very high percentage of your readers comment it is really only of academic interest. I probably get one comment for every 300-500 page views!

  11. Tandava - can't help myself, I have to know these things. It is in my blood - call it professional interest.

  12. alexdylannolan

    Website - page + one image = two views. Page + no images on page = one view. Page + four images = five views.

  13. My comments run at about 4% excluding my own unless my maths are way off tonight which they could be it is very late.

  14. @alex - isn't that only if the reader clicks on the image?

  15. I think it must only be if the image is clicked. I have a lot of images and my count on WordPress is very similar to the ClustrMaps count

  16. I agree, Tandava - my research indicates it is only if the image is clicked. Also, none of us would have a "bounce rate" if we had even one image! :)

  17. I have received a response from staff, for those of you who were interested in the outcome, here is the response:

    Hi Robyn,

    Thank you for your email.

    It seems airodyssey was right, and since the window is reloaded when you submit your comment, a new page view is counted.

    I will forward your suggestion to the developers though, since it could be interesting to avoid counting that extra page view.

    Thanks again for your feedback!

  18. @teamoyeniyi
    Thanks so much for posting the answer you got from Staff.

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