Why is Bare Naked Islam being censored?

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    Can anyone explain to me what happened to free speech? Why are some groups allowed more freedom speech than others?

    This is a bad day for democracy when a pressure group (CAIR) can dictate what is acceptable, truly the thin end of the wedge!D

    The blog I need help with is kevan750.wordpress.com.


    The reason for the suspension is between the site owner and wordpress, but I can tell you that wordpress is very much about free speech and has thumbed their noses at a number of governments around the world that have tried to pressure them in to taking down sites that said things they did not like.



    It’s the ALL CAPS abuse, really.

    Not the lines like this:

    “What’s all this pussy-footing??? Throw 10 Molotov cocktails into these mosques and burn them down — even with ass-lifters in them, especially with ass-lifters in them.” Sarastro
    — “Will they ever get the message that they are not welcome in western countries at all. Bugger off you evil parasites.” Veronique
    — “If we are going to fight, don’t threaten, don’t push and shove like school children, simply attack full force.

    Nah, it was too much ALL CAPS.




    The First Amendment was not written to protect kaffe-klatch gossip. All speech, even hate speech must be protected.

    I have the same question? Why is WordPress censoring speech? Islam is as subject to criticism and ridicule as any other faith, organization or political movement.

    CAIR is nothing but a terrorist dog snapping at our heels. Refuse to be bullied and put back Bare Naked Islam.



    The essence of a thing is what gives it BEING! The moment you qualify it as ‘bare naked Islam’ it has moved from being ISLAM to something else. Islam by its very nature cannot be BARE NAKED!


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    The reason for the suspension is between the site owner and wordpress.

    Arguing about the issue with us volunteers, who have no authority to determine anything about the issue, is not useful. If you have a concern, then please contact staff: you can email staff support@wordpress.com

    The best place to discuss topics of free speech and censorship is in your blog posts.

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