Why is "Fresh & Clean" slide show not appear the same as the template shows?

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    Fresh and clean slideshow botch-up? I followed the instructions three times. I used the proper width 840 pixels for the picture. Added the graphic to the featured picture, (did the sticky) and went to gallery to create the slideshow. I can not get the right width for the slideshow. I must be missing something obvious. My blog is http://chiropractormississauga.wordpress.com. See my slideshow? Note: Your sample for the “FRESH and CLEAN slideshow does not look same. There is #1, #2 and #3 on the top RH corner no instructions for this type…please help…thank you

    The blog I need help with is accountantoakville.wordpress.com.


    I figured it out. Just after I posted this query. HAH! You have to add at least two blogs to make it work (see the results)–thus #1 and#2 –I am not trying to figure out how to add the 160×120 thumbnail to featured blogs–I guess you cant have both..Please confirm or refute my thoughts.
    Thx again–happy blogging!



    Hi there,
    Here’s the link to the detailed theme description page for you http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/fresh-and-clean/
    Fresh and Clean live demo site > http://freshandcleandemo.wordpress.com/

    The post slider appears on the front page if and only if you set featured images of the size required by the theme and mark them as sticky posts. Featured Images at least 840 pixels wide.
    (optimum width is 290 pixels for featured images)

    Featured Images as Post Thumbnails
    If you add a Featured Image to non-sticky posts, or if you add a small Featured Image to a Sticky Post, that image will appear as a prominent post thumbnail beside the post on the front page, archive pages, and in search results.
    Fresh & Clean
    Sticky Posts Featured Slider: 840 x 280
    Thumbnail: 160 x 120

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