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Why is it impossible for me just to center an image? :'(

  1. It keeps aligning my image to the left side of my blog, even though I have the center tags going on and everything. Inserting the image and clicking the center tab is no good, either. Please help. Is this something weird about my blog style?

  2. Can we have a link to your blog, please?

    What I do is insert the image and then I click on it and then click on the center format button (icon # 8 in the top row - see

  3. okeedoke I see what I was doing wrong...I was looking at my draft on the HTML tab instead of the Visual one, which has all those handy little alignment buttons. ah well.

  4. Vivian,

    I understand your process precisely; however, doesn't using a 'center text' tab icon actually block out everything else that would normally fit into that centered space.


    Say I center an image that is 100x150px; Isn't everything in that space 'blocked off' meaning no text or other images can go near that area?

    Thanks in advance,

    Thinking Blogger aka jon-paul

  5. I wanted to use the centering (or align-right or whatever) tab on the HTML-view insert image window, because that lets the text go around the image. the alignment tabs on the Visual-view page centers the image on its own, as you said.

    I still don't know why alignment doesn't work on the HTML-view.

  6. There is no way in a blog to have a centered image with text on either side of it, short of getting really fancy with tables or making the text part of the image.

  7. rain is right, as usual :) I rarely center images for that very reason. I tend to use left or right alignment. But sometimes, centering is effective.

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