Why is it so difficult for me to "like" other WordPress Bloggers?

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    Why is it so difficult for me to like other WordPress Bloggers? when i click the “like” button”, I am asked to log in with the username and password (since I am already logged in, this is quite tedious). After submitted said username and password, nothing happens. ever. I can like them if I am scrolling through and the like button is offered and I am not in their blog. But if I am logged into their blog, it is impossible. Trying to post a response is even worse. I can type a response in word, cut and paste and trying a bunch of clicking and bouncing around and can occasionally get one to stick. This one feature alone made me consider switching to another blog host previously. This seriously limits my ability to get together with other bloggers – I don’t understand why this would be so difficult. I have blogs i would like to “like” and would like to respond to but I can not.

    The blog I need help with is waldosaccord.wordpress.com.



    What browser and version are you using?

    Please don’t type in Word and then paste it in. Word adds all kinds of invisible code tags that cause huge problems. Either type directly in the comment box or use Notepad, which does not add any HTML tags at all.



    Well, I have Firefox (and honestly I don’t know what version although it states i am “up to date”. I also have explorer version 8.

    Typing and pasting from word was the only way to do it, on the rare occasion i could actually get it to work. I have now just stopped. i do try to like a good but though – i am stubborn that way i guess!

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