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Why is it so difficult to embed a music player?

  1. Hi,

    Overall I'm pretty happy with However, there is something that intrigues me:

    Given that music is one of the main topics of discussion (second most popular tag after news)... why is it so difficult to embed players in posts? It's almost impossible, in fact.

    I know your mp3 player and Soundcloud. But... is that it? I mean, embedding quality players such as Grooveshark is an odyssey. I think it used to be possible, but it no longer is. I'm no computer savvy though, but it all seems so confusing and not worth it.

    I'd imagine you have a lot of copyright issues to deal with, as well as contracts etc... but you should make an effort to at least find loopholes just like YouTube did. That's how the internet works, and you'd be much more popular.

    Thanks for taking this into consideration.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The gigya short code allows you to embed flash based players. See this section on Panos's site: .

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